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Hagia Sofia


Overview of Goddess pages in

Developing the New Spirituality


The Golden Line of History:

the ancient Goddess civilization in South Eastern Europe

The Goddess religion was already present in South Eastern Europe

around 9000 BC (Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria)

Archeology research has been decisive.

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The Thracians were a Goddess civilzation from 6200BC until 350BC

as an independent nation.

An important research clearifies that the Thracians

brought the hieroglyphs to ancient Egypt.

The first faraos were almost surely Thracian kings!

This also gives a connection with the Hathor religion.

Read all about this important research

here on

This connects the Goddess traditions of ancient Egypt

to the Mother-Goddess of Thracia.

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Beschrijving: image goddess at Anloo

(drawing made by Robert,

based on our research)

At Anloo an ancient Goddess place in Drenthe,

the image of the Goddess is laid down in the

ancient roads around Anloo.



The spiritual Bulgarian project:

Read our special page about

Thracian temple hills

in the Valley of Roses.

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Robert and Susan are researching Chartres, France.

Page One

Saint Anna

Megalithic Monument


Page Two

The message of the Templars


Page Three

The very important building history of the Cathedral of Chartres



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Susan and Robert visited the Healing Well of


Sauerland Germany.

Surely also a place of compassion of God the Mother.

Read our special webpage



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Goddess Hathor

(picture made by Susan)


Read about the Hathor goddesses on our Hathor page.




Read about the original religion of Western Europe.

The relation with the much earlier Godddess religion

in South Eastern Europe is not clear yet.

Certain is that migration through Europe went from East to West.



A new series of Goddess pages starts with

The Goddess in Christianity

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Ancient history of the Goddess:

the long rows of grave hills between Vaassen and Epe

A new excursion of the Ley Line Group

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Susan and Robert have certain ideas about spirituality.

We are giving a Basic Explanation

of the Development of the New Spirituality

on the Basic Explanation page.


Very important is the page about Afterlife.


The Ley Line Group visits Utrecht in the Netherlands.

See a report on this remarkable visit.

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We are developing the New Spirituality:



the powerful energy of the Goddess!

The Moon is the symbol of the female aspect of God.


Description of the

Summer Solstice Ritual



the powerful sunshine of Gods blessing.

The Sun is the symbol of the male aspect of God.


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The Ley Line Group on the search for the exact location

of the Harten Chapel,

a Goddess chapel connected with the Goddess chapel at Drie

through the same Ley Line.

This chapel is destroyed around 1510AD,

but the energies are inspiring many sensitive people in the Netherlands.



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The Ley Line Group:

Excursion to the Tankenberg,

the west border of an ancient temple area of the Goddess.

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Robert and Susan visited the place of Goddess appearences in Beauraing Belgium.

The Goddess appeared 13 times to a group of 5 kids.

Webpage Goddess place Beauraing in Belgium.

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Impression of the appearance of the Goddess in Beauraing



The original religion had both Mother and Father divinities.

The Mother divinity was and is honoured in every civilization.

The Egyptian mother was Mukthi, Muthi.

Her name has become the word MOTHER in every language.

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A study on the Child Divinity

is given in the special page on this subject.

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The conversion to modern Christianity of the Western European world

was a very forceful one, cascading from some converted ruler

going down step by step to the normal people.

The ancient Christian and Goddess religions were erased or assimilated,

without the opportunity of making choices

or objections against certain changes.


Holy places were used to build churches upon,

lands confiscated and objects destroyed.


Even on primary school we learned the stories

of the missionaries and how they cut down the holy oaks.


The Goddess place Heede, Emsland, Germany

Impressions, measurements, history.

Page about the appearances of the Goddess

Place of appearances and energies, blessings.

Beschrijving: 20070902-R02462-heede-150-stone

Places of appearances of the Goddess in Heeze, Germany

are indicated with a little rock, flowers and candles.


Robert has met the Goddess Pele on Kailua Beach

on April 9, 1998 at 11:00h local time.

Read about the exact place:

The visit to Oahu page.


The exact place of the Goddess appearance is

downloadable as wall paper:

Spirit Place 20 Kailua Beach Goddess Place


The Solse Gat is an important place

of powers and a vortex.

Nearby it is known that the original goddess religion

had its settlement.

Susan and Robert made an impression of the atmosphere

of the Solse gat in Springtime,

when growth and dry earth make the Solse Gat

a different place.

See the Solse Gat in Springtime


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Our point of view is, that going back to the original

spirituality will make it possible to remake

choices, to return upon some dead end Christian dogmas,

to have contact again with the roots of our culture.

Respect for Mother Earth,

respect for powers of nature,

giving back to nature what we took away,

respect for the goddess who sustains our lives,

listening to the natural rhythm of the Earth.



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Holy places of the goddess:



Kevelaer, a holy place in Germany



Energies at the Hunneschans


The Ley line Group:

The Solse Gat

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Solse Gat is also Spirit Place 14


The Ley Line Group:

A second visit to the Solsche Gat


The Group visiting the Solsche Gat the Third Time


The ancient places of the goddess at Heiloo


The Goddess chapel at the holy place Drie

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We think that the original religion had respect for woman,

for nature, for the earth, for magic, for world peace,

for spirituality, for feelings of believers

on their way to salvation,

for reincarnation, for afterlife,

for so many other things that we have lost.

That is why we are looking everywhere

for remnants of the religion of the goddess.


See also the Hawaiian Spirituality revival.


Very important is the

The history of Hawaiian religion.


Beschrijving: QuanYin

Quan Yin, goddess of China


See the Reactions Page for the beautiful Hathor sarcophagus.

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You may e-mail:

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Beschrijving: hula2dancers

hula, sacred dance to honor the Goddess

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