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Be informed at

Don't follow the group mind


Rewriting history has been done

by many organizations with power

and by organizations who want to come into power.

Be informed and be aware

that a lot of misinformation is darkening our right to know.


Secret History is history rewritten,

because important knowledge has to be silenced. will point at this webpage

to Secret History as an antidote against propaganda.


Read the Preface to Secret History

with some kind of definition of this subject.


Be informed! Read the secret history of DNA.

Step out of the group mind.

Follow the unknown modern scientific research.




Do you know everything about the Moon

there is to know?

Secret history of the Moon.


The Secret History starts with overcoming the mind set.

Propaganda about history begins at primary school.

Many "well known" facts of history are pure fantasies.


For example:

"our ancestors living as animals in rude conditions".

Not true.


Read about

the secret history of dinosaurs.


Even the Neanderthal people had funeral rituals,

which means they believed in after life.

Their society was much more organized

then the mind set wants us to accept.

Ancient mankind is not the primitive tribespeople,

but highly developed people with culture and religion.

They deserve our respect.


The unbroken lines of history:

The secret history of power.


The secret search for knowledge is the new Cold War.

Read about the Secret History

of Ocean Water


The secret history of Atlantis

Outside Spain there are parts of the Atlantic Ocean

only a few meters below the water level.

This is where Plato pointed towards Atlantis.


Very much connected with the history of Atlantis is the

secret history of Climate Change.

Propaganda is hammering upon our brains about the climate change.

Time to be informed and see things in perspective.


The dating of ancient Egypt

is more and more controversial.


The secret history of Egypt

Egypt has several buildings of megalithic origin.

Secret history of the Pacific Ocean

Much of history we learn

is only meant to mind set us.

The Pacific is such an issue.

Do you know about the pyramids on many Pacific Islands?


The precise place of Lemuria and Hiva

in the South Pacific.

In my opinion something alarming is going on:

The wars for secret knowledge

in the 19th and 20th centuries


Soon there will be added more Secret History.

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ancient christianity

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secret history

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