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Secret history of Climate Change


The news has everyday new items on nature disasters everywhere.

Our heart is bleeding for the many people who have lost

lives and existence in the disaster of nature.


On the other hand the news is pushing inside our heads

the fear for climate change.

Climate Change has been made into Secret History.

We are forced to believe things under the

authorative pressure of science.

Nevertheless science is also a believe system

and many times influenced by economical and political power groups.


Susan and Robert agree upon the following:

We are using the resources of this planet in the wrong way.

Respect for Mother Earth is what we need to survive.

There has to be a worldwide movement of Respect.

We can only live a worthy live when we start loving the Mother.

The climate on this planet is definitively ALWAYS changing.

Central in the discussion should be the existence of Ice Ages.


RObert has made an overview of the 1,000,000 years of history behind us.


The discussion is (on purpose?) made more difficult because of the jargon

of the geologists. There is no unity in names,

so in this overview I am using the Dutch scientific names

of the Ice Ages. After some extra study I will try to add

more widely used names.

The Ice Age was world wide, whatever the name is that is being used!

I am also using calibrated scientific dates!


1. The Bavelien ice age dated 1,000,000 until 880,000BC

Several periods of heavy cold were in this period.

As far as we know there was no warm period in between the two ice ages.


2. Cromerien ice age dated from 880,000 until 470,000 BC

In this period were also several periods of extreme cold.

Also after this Ice Age there was no warmer period.

During the last years of this Ice Age

humans immigrated into Europe.

As far as we know never before humans lived in Europe.


3. The Elsterien ice age dated from 470,000 until 410.000 BC

From this Ice Age we kno that the ice covered the North of Europe

with the ice reaching into the Netherlands (the province of Friesland).


4. The warm interglacial period Holsteinien lasted from 410,000 until 380,000 BC

Trees and forests could grow again.


5. The Saalien ice age from 380,000 until 126,000 BC

was the heaviest ice age of all.

The ice covered with a layer of 200 meters thick

half of the Netherlands and Germany halfways until the Sauerland.

This ice age has shaped the landscape of Northern Europe

into what it is now.

Human life was almost not possible and the humans

lived as much as possible in caves.


From this time on the humans in Europe start using

abstract figures to note down their thoughts!

Symbolic writing as for example the symbolic hieroglyphs!


The Ice layer was at the edges 200 meters high.

When our forefathers had the idea for a daytrip to go and see the Ice,

they could see the Ice layer on the horizon as a range of high hills.



6. The interglacial period Eemien lasted from 126,000 until 116,000 BC

The temperatures were much warmer then it is today.

The average summerday was 19 degrees Celsius!

During this Eemien the Neanderthal humans emerge.

They don't survive the coming ice age Weichselien.



7. The last ice age until now was the

Weichselien ice age from 116,000 until 10,000 BC.

There were no trees anymore.

Polar desert everywhere.

From 13,000 BC some brave humans settled again in the empty land.

From 11,800 BC the growth of trees is coming back.

In the polar desert heavy winds blew the soil around the Earth.

Well known is the Löss soil the blew from Europe into China.


From 11000BC until 4400BC the sea level was rising

at a speed of about 35 meters in total.


8. The interglacial warm period we are living in is called Holoceen.

From 10,000 until 7000 BC the ice is melting away.

The Atlantic Ocean is frozen until Scotland till 8000 BC.

Between 8,000 and 7,000 BC the North Sea is inundated again

and the connection between England and Europe is water again.


The period from 7,000 until 1100 BC is much warmer then it is now.

The water level is still 15 meters lower then it is now.


From 1100 BC until 900 AD it is still warmer then it is now,

averidge 1 degree Celsius more then today.


From 900 AD until 1300 AD the temperature is much higher the today.

In this period we see:

Norse settlement of Greenland and Canada.

Cathedral Building going on in France.

Hanseatic League at great power.


A major volcanic eruption ends this period of warmth in 1258 AD.

There are heavy storms and it is becoming much colder.

This does not mean that volcanic eruptions are

the cause of climate change, but it is part of it.


1350AD is the end of the Norse settlement of Greenland and Canada,

because the ocean is freezing and the Viking ships can't sail anymore.


1469 AD is the end of wine cultivation in England.


The so called Little Ice Age has started around 1300 AD.

Dutch paintings are filled with snow landscapes and ice skaters.

People started heating their houses,

the windows became smaller and

cities were giving laws that everybody

should build a chimney inside the house.

Many big city fires happened in that time of 1400AD until 1500AD,

when it became colder and colder.


1580 AD is the eruption of Huanyaputina in Peru.

The temperature drops world wide.

1739-1742 is extreme cold.

also 1805-1820 is extreme cold.

We all know the story of the downfall of Napoleon,

because of the heavy winter in Russia.


The Tambora eruption in 1815 causes in 1816 a year without summer.


Since 1880 the Earth is warming again.

Still it is nowadays cooler then in the Medieval Warm period

from 900 until 1300 AD.

It is also much cooler then in the Eemien interglacial period.




So we are living in a so called Interglacial time,

the warm period inbetween two Ice Ages.

More precise:

We are the lucky ones living in the hottest middle of the Interglacial time!

Perhaps the temperature will rise even more to the levels

 of the former interglacial period the Eemien (see above).


Our forefathers have lived through several Ice Ages,

but it has been difficult.

Archeology finds them living deep in the Earth in caves.

In the Tropics you could be outside but heavily clothed.


Very probably the destruction of the Atlantis civilization

is connected with the last period of melting of the Ice.

The sea levels rose fast and dramatically,

almost certainly connected with earth quakes and local volcanism.

The thin bottom of the oceans must have been reacting

 to the enormous extra weight of the water layer.

The island of Atlantis collapsed in these circumstances.


The rise of Reformation and Protestantism

 also could have to do with the climate change

of the very cold period 1300AD until 1800AD.




this secret history of climate change

should warn us to prepare for the next Ice Age,

that will be here in may be 6000 years.


Important questions:

Did the Sun gave less energy during the Ice Ages?

Is the number of sunspots connected with the global temperature?

How much influence do the volcanoes have?

Are the currents in the Arctic Ocean of great influence?


How to survive the heavy cold, when all the fuel of the Earth has been used?

What to burn when all forests have been cut away?

Will there be enough oxygen when a big part of the Earth is covered in Ice?


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