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Ancient Christianity




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Differences between the ancient Egyptian civilization

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The Cross symbol



The New Testament power groups



Magic within Christianity



The Egyptian - Christian history intermingled



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Ancient Christianity



This index page will lead your way through the many studies about Ancient Christianity in


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Holy Sofia, the Goddess

the female aspect of the One God

God the Mother

The Great Invisible God

wants to reveal itself as God the Father,

God the Mother and God the Child.


Robert and Susan are respecting everybodies believes and feelings. We reckon ourselves to be Christians.

Nevertheless we think that some power groups within Christianity have made decisions and have even killed and erased whole branches of Christianity.


Many beautiful truths are not known to us, because some power groups have pushed their willpower upon us.


With our studies on Ancient Christianity we want to find back what we were not allowed to know.


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Since our researches are going on, it becomes more clear, that Ancient Christianity existed in full swing

from about 2050BC (and perhaps earlier)

until 1500AD (and in many groups until today).


Nowadays Ancient Christianity is almost not existant anymore, although more and more people feel that there is more between Heaven and Earth.


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What are hot items?


The written history of ancient Christianity

is almost erased out of the archives,

and also not part of present education.


Pre-Jesus Christianity

The traces of Pre-Jesus churches are difficult to follow.

Still there is slowly and steadily building up

a lot of material and insight.


An example of pre New Testament Christianity

can be found in and under the Saint Sophia Church in Sofia.

Saint Sophia church in Sofia

Ancient Christianity has links to the South: Ethiopia and Arabia,

but also to the North: Thracia and Macedonia, perhaps Mycene and Crete.


Recently the Gospel of Judas has been found.

Everybody thought it had been destroyed for ever.

Robert gives some comment on the Gospel of Judas.


Initiation in Ancient Christianity

is it important?

what does it mean for us?


Important study of Magdalene Mary

Researching about Mary the Magdalene it becomes

really clear how ancient Christianity was changed.


The words of Jesus about

The Paracletos

are extremely important.

Jesus is talking about reincarnation.


An example of refound knowledge:

the Paralemptor


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The holy way to reincarnation.

Hodos, the way of Christianity.


The Amen Karnak temple

where Christianity started.


The Cross symbol

comes from Amen.

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The NT-groups who did not know Jerusalem,

nor spoke the language,

but did rewrite history.


Magic within Christianity

was a daily practice for more

then a thousand years.


The Egyptian - Christian history intermingled

and belong together as one flow of history.


Robert has studied mathematics, physics, astronomy,

economy, law, information technology,

filosofy in the universities of Leyden and Rotterdam and

theology at Roman Catholic and Protestant colleges and

is specialized in church history and the old original texts

that have existed in ancient times

in the original languages.

Robert reads ancient Greek, classic Sanskrit,

ancient Egyptian, etc.


Susan studied at universities in Netherlands, Canada, USA.


Robert and Susan are giving lectures at

their own completely independent institute.

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As always both Robert and Susan are stating

their own opinions, founded upon research,

study and visiting the area.

Although we are combining scientific research

 with spiritual intuition we state only our opinions.


What you do with our opinions is your own choice.

Even when we have the opinion that things or procedures

are healthy or not healthy

and/or dangerous or not dangerous,

and/or good or evil,

it is only our personal opinion we are stating.

Certainly we have no intention to insult anybody.


We don’t accept any responsibility or liability

regarding our opinions and/or the content of this website.


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The majority of images and pictures (98 percent and more)

is originally made by Robert and Susan.

All text is originally made by Robert and Susan.


Regarding the other materials on the website,

we have the approval of the owners.

If you think we have used a doubtful element

in our website and you are able to state

the copyright of that element, please let us know

and we will take that element out of our website without delay.

We want to respect everyones copyright,

as we expect to be respected by you.


Unless explicitly specified otherwise,

this page and all other pages of are

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Any use of text, images, layout, format, look,

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of the copyright holder, is strictly prohibited.
All Rights Reserved.

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Initiation in Ancient Christianity



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