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Ancient Christianity

What was lost by erasing the original Christianity?

For example:


The paralemptor




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The Paralemptor

and Melchisedec the high priest.


Robert is studying the remnants of Original Ancient Christianity.

Because so much has been destroyed during the first 1100 hundred years

of Christianity Robert is worried that essential ingredients of

the Christian religion have gone lost.


The New Testament is only part of the complete heritage of Holy Scripture.

Around 350 AD a power group has composed the New Testament

from a choice of scriptures that were available at the time.

This power group picked only parts of scripture that were

conveying their interests.


It was the time that Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire.

Every church denomination that did not fit in with this system

of the Roman Empire was killed without mercy.

Their houses confiscated, their churches burned, their books burned.

Even today authors are writing about the "heretics"

without any mercy or compassion for what happened!


An example of ancient knowledge that has been lost

is the person of the Paralemptor.


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The Paralemptor


In German: der Aufnehmer

In Dutch: de Ontvanger

In English: the Receiver.


The Paralemptor is the lichtbeing who receives the deceased person

to bring him or her up into the Light.

From near death experiences described by many persons

we know that the people who die come into the tunnel of Light.

Inside the tunnel they are met by Light Beings, Angels,

who bring them through the tunnel into the After Life.

These Light Beings are the Paralemptor.


From the ancient scriptures we also know that

Melchisedec the High Priest is the Head of the Paralemptors.

This explains why Melchisedec is so important both

in the Old Testament and the New Testament.


"Melchisedec the Receiver of the Light purifies them, as he does continually,

he carries their light into the Treasury of Light."

Pistis Sophia chapter 26 translation GRS Mead


Jesus the Saviour God the Child is also a Paralemptor.


He brings everybody into the Light.

Ultimately He will bring every Soul into the light of Heavens, the Pleroma.

Jesus is a High Priest in the Order of Melchisedec,

as Paul writes in the letter to the Hebrews.


The Paralemptor is mentioned in the Apocryphon of John, NHC II.2 p.25and26.

The Paralemptor is not easily recognised in these texts,

because translation of these ancient scriptures has no tradition

and everybody is translating freely, not very close to the original Coptic.


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