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Where are Dimension Gateways?



page of the Lecher antenna



the Sun Temple at Heumenberg, Rhenen




Dimensional music: the Octave




The ancient church of Nederhorst den Berg



See the special page about

the Thracian grave temple in Kazanlak, Bulgaria



Parallel Universes




Parallel universes saused by Trees page.



Music is changing Space-Time






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Dimension Gateways


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Susan and Robert studied the Crop Circles.

Beautiful pictures

on the special page.


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Higher dimensions,

visions, unexplained emanations,

gateways into other time and space universums.

Robert is researching Gateways to other dimensions.


Where are Dimension Gateways?

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Robert has so many encounters with other dimensions,

that he is going to start a Measuring Project

to find Parallel Worlds.

See the Starting Page.

E-mail when you want to join in.


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The ancient church of Nederhorst den Berg

has a very peculiar door frame

connecting Liudger and Alburga around 780AD.

This door seems to be connected to Parallel Worlds.


To pray to the Sun as the symbol of the Eternal Divinity

the Sun temple at Rhenen is an excellent place.

See our webpage about the Sun temple.


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High above the river Rhine the Sun temple oversees

the surrounding area and receives

the light of the Sun without any hinder.


A magickal Altar near the sun temple.

Special visit of the Ley Line Group

in Rhenen Netherlands


The second visit of Robert and Susan to

the Sun Temple at Heumenberg, Rhenen


Perhaps the oldest holy place full of dimension bordering

in the North Netherlands:

the Saint Adelbert Field



The Healing Well at the Saint Adelbert Field is

visited by believers since at least 1400 years.

Surely an ancient Temple of the Goddess was here.



Music in ancient religion:

The Octave

explains the multiple Goddess and the multiple Divine Abode


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Master Beinsa Douno pointed out

the powerful symbol of the Pentagram.

Read about the Ascended Master Beinsa Douno


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Our opinion upon


Freedom of religion!

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My page of the Lecher antenna

gives several wavelengths indicating the presence of other dimensions

and very certain connected to this wavelength the presence of a gateway:

3.9 cm spirits

14.7 cm other dimensions

17.7 cm divinity

and more.

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Susan and Robert have experienced

a Dimension Gateway.

Read the Atlantis Ring Journal.


Our page upon the

History of the Atlantis Ring.

as far as we know it.



Play a recorder or a flute at a spiritual place and

the dimension shift is almost touchable:

Music is changing Space-Time

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Did you study the Trees?

Parallel universes could be influenced by Trees.

See the Tree page.


The Ley Line Group visited the 1160 years

old Lime Tree at Heede, Emsland, Germany

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This living being is captured for so long.

Who is it? And why? What purpose?

Read about the visit, with measurements, visions, impressions.



Robert has studied the concept of parallel universes.

Here are some notes on

Parallel Universes



See also the index of megalithic temples here in


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The Ley Line Group on excursion for other dimensions.



Robert is researching the existence and place

of Dimension Gateways.

Downloadable wall papers will make it possible to have

these Gateways on your computer screen.

The first one in the series:

Dimension Gateway 01

Keukenhof Lisse

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Click on this picture to go to the wall paper page.


Step out of group mind.

Even in modern physics the time dimension is under discussion.

Reverse the future

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A Dimension gateway that has been of great importance

is explained in the ancient Greek word of Hodos.

See the Hodos explanation

at the end of the NT words page.

All knowledge comes together at last.


Of this Dimension Gateway

Robert added a Spirit Place Wall Paper:

Spirit Place 32

and also:


Amen temple Procession Road


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Click on this picture to go to the wall paper page.



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In Kevelaer, Germany not only gateways are measurable,

but symbols in floors and side walks

are indicating Dimension Gateways.

Read about the visit of the Ley Line Group to Kevelaer


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At the Solse Gat almost all visitors

are experiencing a Gateway.

See the visit to the Solse Gat.

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Impressions, visions, tree energy, gateway


The ancient Thracian kings were using

vortex fields to enter other dimensions.

See the special page about

the Thracian grave temple in Kazanlak, Bulgaria



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As always both Robert and Susan are stating

their own opinions, founded upon research,

study and visiting the area.

Although we are combining scientific research

 with spiritual intuition we state only our opinions.


What you do with our opinions is your own choice.

Even when we have the opinion that things or procedures

are healthy or not healthy

and/or dangerous or not dangerous,

and/or good or evil,

it is only our personal opinion we are stating.

Certainly we have no intention to insult anybody.


We don’t accept any responsibility or liability

regarding our opinions and/or the content of this website.


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The majority of images and pictures (98 percent and more)

is originally made by Robert and Susan.

All text is originally made by Robert and Susan.


Regarding the other materials on the website,

we have the approval of the owners.

If you think we have used a doubtful element

in our website and you are able to state

the copyright of that element, please let us know

and we will take that element out of our website without delay.

We want to respect everyones copyright,

as we expect to be respected by you.


Unless explicitly specified otherwise,

this page and all other pages of are

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Any use of text, images, layout, format, look,

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of the copyright holder, is strictly prohibited.
All Rights Reserved.

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See our webpage about the Sun temple.



A magickal Altar near the sun temple.



the Saint Adelbert Field



Read about the Ascended Master Beinsa Douno



History of the Atlantis Ring.







Amen temple Procession Road



Reverse the future



Colours are also a Dimension Gateway



more special webpages on this spiritual project are coming soon




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