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History of the Atlantis Ring


Many readers of Home2b.nl are asking for more details

on the history of the Atlantis Ring.


See also our report of using the Atlantisrings.


In general not much is known about the Atlantis Ring.

What we know is that the Atlantis Ring with absolute surety

was found in the Valley of the Kings.

All sources are conforming this.


More unsure is, where the Ring was found.

Some sources say that the Ring was found in a sarcophagus from the priest Jus.

Others say the Ring was found in the remnants of mummification

which were buried near the tomb of Tut Anch Amon.

Those remnants of mummification very well could have been remnants

of the priest Jus.


The famous photo of the original Atlantis Ring

seems to be taken from the book:

"Cet Maisons Qui Tuent" by Roger de Lafforest

published by Robert Lafont 1972 Paris

in which Lafforrest gives many details of the Atlantis Ring.

He has met Howard Carter in 1939 (before his death)

and he saw the original Ring by visiting Andre de Belizal.

Nevertheless the picture shows the texture and grain of

a reproduction from the 1910's or 1920's.


Atlantis ring 1-- 800-cropped




About 1860 Marquis d'Agrain, a French Egyptologist,

áfound a ring in the Valley Of The Kings.

The ring had been made of stoneware clay from Assuan,

probably by the Atlantians, the Egyptians' predecessors.

áIt spotting curved geometrical figures set up and balanced according to certain order.

áAfter some arduous, diverse and sometimes accidental experience carried out by its owners

(either the owners of the original or the replicas),

it was found out that these geometrical figures suitably arranged,

had a mysterious power. Source of this power are certain waves emitted by some privileged forms

áprotecting against any outside aggression, so called "the waves of shape".


The last known owner of the original ring is Andre de Belizal,

(who is married to a grand-daughter of marquis d'Agrain) and is a pioneer of Radiesthesia.

He analyzed waves emitted by the ring. He discovered, that not the ring,

but the pattern engraved on the ring, is propagating protective field for the bearer

as well as for its surroundings (house, business, etc).

It protects its owner from visible and invisible external negative forces.
He discovered that, when the pattern engraved on the ring,

is redrawn on the sheet of paper and hang on the wall of the house

electromagnetic and geopathic harmful radiation is highly reduced.


Not much attention was given to his findings,

except by British archeologist Howard Carter (1874-1939).


Around 1900 Howard Carter heard about this ring

and a copy was made for him (which he never took off for the rest of his life).

He gets a vision that he will discover the wonder that the world has never seen.

After discovering the greatest find- the tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amoun, 

only Howard Carter survived and lived till natural death (out of 18 people).

It can be assumed that only wearing the replica of the ring by Howard Carter,

áone of the penetrates of the Tutankhamen's tomb, helped him to avoid "The Curse" and live long.




Is this all we know?

We know for certain the many experiences of so many people around

the world by wearing a copy of the Atlantis ring.

Many people are writing us about their experiences!


Also it is sure, that the patterns upon the Atlantis ring are

completely different of any other figurine or decoration

found in Ancient Egypt.



A lot of the details on this page was given by the artist Ezekiel.

( www.artist-ezekiel.com )

"Hi Robert and Susan,

I immensely enjoyed the wealth of information

your website provides and I hope that my

contribution was helpful. Keep up the good work, regards, Ezekiel".



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