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Robert and Susan both are wearing golden Atlantis rings

made by Dirk Jan de Jong, Amsterdam

since January 2002 as wedding rings.




Some sources tell us, that

the original Atlantis ring was found near what later would

come out to be the entrance of the tomb of TutAnchAmen.


The original Atlantisring was situated

for thousands of years in a pile of rubble

between ancient remnants of mummification.

The oils and internal remnants of a mummy were always buried

traditionally near to a grave entrance.

So most probable one of the enbalmers

lost his Atlantisring while doing his job.


Others say that the Ring was found in a sarcophagus of a priest.

Also a very exiting and interesting place for the Ring to be found.

But this story is not very trustable.


We know that the times of life and death of TutAnchAmon

is full of mysteries.

Some people have the opinion that these times of TutAnchAmon

have a prophetical meaning of which much can be found in the Old Testament.

Some people even say that TutAnchAmon was a Saviour,

with much likeness to Jesus.


See our webpage upon the

History of the Atlantis Ring


The design of the Atlantis ring is different

from everything that has ever been found in Egypt or Nubia

or in the wide surroundings of Egypt.

The character of the decorations on the Atlantisring

leads to the conclusion that this ring is much older

then the ancient Egyptian civilization.

The design of the Atlantis ring is symbolic

for the old Atlantean architecture, like Plato described it.

Two triangles are symbolizing the piramides left and right

of the entrance of the capital of Atlantis

and the three dikes surrounding the city

are symbolized by the three ridges along the ring.

Two entrances into the city of Atlantis

are to be seen on the ring as ridges.

On the inside of the Ring is a ridge symbolizing the canal

through the city of Atlantis.


What does an Atlantis ring look like?


Above is the Atlantis ring of Susan with some small stones

and blue triangles in the symbols of the piramids.

The light falling upon the stones goes

through the ring into the finger.


Above left is the Atlantis ring of Rob.

All rings were made by Dirk Jan de Jong.

©copyright of the above pictures by Dirk Jan de Jong, Amsterdam

We recommend Dirk Jan de Jong as a real spiritual expert in this field.

The Atlantis ring of Dirk Jan de Jong has been elected

as the most favorable source of energy by the readers of

the new age magazine "Onkruid" in the summer of 2002.


Experiences of Susan and Robert with the Atlantis Rings.


Regularly Susan and Robert are extending this report

about the Atlantisring.

First month January 2002

Susan and Robert are wearing the rings

on their left hand (wedding ring).


From the first moment the ring is causing

a special feeling in the left hand of Robert.


Susan had no special feeling of the Atlantis ring

in the first weeks, also not after visiting

the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.


Using the pendulum above the Atlantis ring gives

the indication of strong energies surrounding the ring.

The ring was clearly repairing the aura's.


rob at tutanch amon

Robert standing on the exact place where the Atlantisring has been found

at the entrance of the tomb of Tut Ankh Amen.

The original ring has been found in the rubble of the entrance,

long before the tomb was excavated.


The picture is made by Susan.

This picture dates from February 2002.

Robert's life has changed totally since that moment.

Robert is looking younger now and took away the grey beard.

Also more hair now.


Second month February 2002

Susan and Robert visited the place

where the original Atlantis ring was found,

that is the Valley of the Kings, in front of grave 62,

nearby Luxor, Egypt.


After visiting the Valley of the Kings

Robert's feelings with the ring changed.


His left hand felt like it was surrounded by a wet cloth

with a slight pain in the skin. Is it a force field?

Very probably Robert is experiencing a dimension gateway.


We consulted a new age adviser who stated that this could be

aura healing of the aura of Robert.


Robert feels a strong and powerful energy along the left arm.

Gradually the energy changes in the feeling of wet materials

surrounding the left arm, with some moments of a slight feeling

of pressure in the skin.


After some weeks also Robert's right arm feels the same way.

Robert has the sensation of being pulled by his arms

into another dimension.

Robert was a psychic all his life with visions of the Goddess

and contact with other emanations.

This talent was increased much with the presence of the Atlantis ring.


Susan is very amazed about these feelings of Robert,

although she feels spiritually strengthened somehow.

Susan says: it is not possible to give a precise description,

but there is a strong power of protection at work.


Susan is well known in the spiritual world with a range of activities.

Still her feeling are different.

A feeling of a power field and protective strength.


Coming back from Egypt

we are accompanied by a special spirit

who protects us against influences of other energies.

This spirit has followed us

since we were in the Valley of the Kings.

Also in the plane back home this spirit followed us.


Since these days Robert is very aware of time differences

in the surrounding space, and also of openings into

other worlds.

2010 note: This awareness never went away anymore

and is even influencing a lot of psychic experiences of Robert.


Third month March 2002

The special feeling around both Robert's arms

later engulfed Robert's body for a week.

Since then the feeling of wet clothes

and skin tickling is gone.

Robert feels a sense of power

and stability taking over.

Apparently the aura healing has finished.

Because the names of Robert and Susan are being engraved

in the rings by Dirk Jan de Jong, the artist,

both Robert and Susan have to take off

the Atlantis rings for one week.


After two days without the ring Robert

has a cold and an mild illness like a flu.

After four days Robert temporarely has a soft voice

and has a slight fever.

Susan feels very unrestful and coldish, shiverish.


To be sure about this:

Robert very rarely has the flu.

It was ten years since the last flu (Christmas 1992).

Apparently the absence of the Rings made

both Robert and Susan more vulnerable for infections.


When Robert put his Ring on again after a week,

both the flu feelings and the fever vanished within 3 hours.

There is again a feeling as if he were wearing wet material,

chilly and cold like in the first month January,

but much less and only for a few days.


Very soon the special spiritual feeling returns

and psychic feelings become stronger than ever before.


During the whole month the spirit from Egypt

is accompanying us everywhere.

Robert is sure, that this spirit has recognized us

from an earlier life.


The spirit had a Nubian appearance: long, slim, nice happy face,

attentive, alert, at ease.

We are sure we have the Spirit on one of our pictures.


Because of revelations by the Goddess Robert knew

that Susan and Robert were together at the Amen temple in Karnak

about 4000 years earlier (2010-note: around 2050 BC).


The spirit is connected to these events in the Amen temple.


These events with the Atlantis Rings also mean the start of

where Susan and Robert are sharing their experiences

and spiritual opinions with the world.

It is sure that the changing of spiritual feelings

has been an inspiration to start these new activities.


Fourth month April 2002

Gradually both Susan and Robert feel more surrounded

by a special energy and specially protected

against magical influences.

Susan experiences a holistic feeling,

which is steadily growing since the start

of her Atlantis ring period.


New magical feelings are emerging

and changing our lives.

The spirit is still everywhere we go.

Susan gets irritated by this silent presence

from the other dimension.

Normally Susan is not so much aware of emanations and presences,

but this spirit was more or less visible to her.


Fifth month May 2002

The Atlantis ring is of great influence

upon the psychic talents of Susan and Robert.

The special spirit is not seen anymore

after Susan and Robert went on a holiday by airplane.

The spirit apparently left magical abilities

from an unknown source behind to help us in the future.

From this time on things are changing.

Robert is remembering more and more

spiritual experiences in the past.

Memories of past lives are suddenly clear.

Also the visions of the Goddess which Robert had the priviledge

of experiencing are becoming more clear and open.

Robert starts writing down the Goddess visions he had since birth.


Sixth month June 2002

The Goddess gives an unexpected vision,

while being in Montreal, Canada.

She announces a complete change of life.


We are developing thoughts to start New Age activities.

Friends in the new age field are advising us

and new opportunities are emerging.

Robert started noting down more and more his special feelings,

while he has suppressed his psychic feelings

almost during a lifetime.


Susan is preparing special activities in the field of new age.

A psychic friend tells us he feels very special energies around us.

He is not able to influence us with his magical powers,

like he could before. He did not tell why and

how he could influence us before.


July until December 2002

Although difficulties are entering our lives,

we feel very much strengthened by these special Atlantis rings.

Robert starts to receive special messages.

Robert starts writing his first three books:

1. psychics experiences and visions;

2. the Tarot spirits explanation and spells;

3. the roots of ancient christianity.


Because Robert has changed very much in his way of looking at live

 he looses his job and other honorary functions.

The next year Robert and Susan are starting

their own business to be independent.


Something peculiar we notice both

is the turning around of the rings.

Continuously the rings are turning around.

Dirk Jan the goldsmith offers to change the rings

a little bit to prevent them turning around,

but apparently strong energies are

part of the rings energy field.

Susan and Robert decide not to modify the rings.


Robert starts to have visions of a very special kind,

like being in another dimension.

Susan is having real different dreams.

Our spiritual live is certainly intensifying.



It has now more then a year,

and the Atlantis rings have stabilized.

During the year 2003 the sensitivity of Robert has changed.


Robert has been psychic all his life,

but gradually Robert is now much more aware of his memories,

his feelings, his dreams, his insight in other dimensions.

Many memories are surfacing, also past lives memories

 are more precise and lively.

The many visions of the Goddess come back

into his life and Robert starts writing down

the circumstances and messages of the visions and the messages.

Be aware, when you are wearing the Atlantis ring:

The Atlantisring is making the "walls" between

the dimensions very thin.

More and more memories of past lives are coming up.

Special events in the life of Robert are falling

into place as past live memories.

Also other psychic memories are coming back.


Robert looses his job and is from that moment

more or less independent from the traditional way of life.

Susan and Robert are starting their home based business.

From the first start Susan has paying customers for her lessons.



During this year we are very short in money.

Still we have the feeling that everything

is working out surprisingly well.


After a lifelong silence of Robert

about his psychic experiences

Robert has openly started to communicate with people

about his visions, memories, past lives.

Also is he participating in spiritual groups and

meeting people to exchange feelings.


The Atlantisring gives a positive energy of inspiration.

This website certainly reflects

many of the spiritual changes Robert is experiencing.


The effect in Susan is different.

Susan feels more protected and stabilized by special energies.


Susan states that the energy of the planet is changing as a whole.

Susan starts to give messages to the universe.

Everything is possible, is her motive.

Other spiritual people are coming into our lifes

and invite us to participate.



Robert is not able anymore to have the wristwatch

powered by batteries around his wrist.

The radiation of the battery is hurting the arm of Robert,

in a clear conflict with the power of the Atlantis ring.

Ineke van den Broek (a great expert on natural radiation)

measures the radiation with her Lecher antenna

around the wristwatch and she advises to take it of directly.

Even after some months the arm of Robert

still feels the wristwatch in place.

A year later Robert still feels the sometimes painful conflicting

clash of the power of the wristwatch

and the Atlantisring.

Even in 2009 the place where the wristwatch was, is still sensitive.


Second year of money shortness.

Some unexpected opportunities are helping us.


Robert tries to share his talents with other people

by way of participating in New Age Fairs.

This is a disappointment.

The people visiting such fairs have no interest in other dimensions.

Nevertheless Robert is more inspired by these experiences.


Robert is asked to partipate in several scientific activities

of the New Age world.

The mathematical and physical talents of Robert

are completely reviving and are emphasizing

the earlier career of Robert as the right way to go in life.


The daily routine of job pressure

apparently brought Robert into a career that was

not the right way to go in life.


More and messages are coming though about a diversity of subjects.





Robert is more and more concentrating

on his mathematical abilities and

paying customers are coming in daily.

Also Roberts knowledge of Physics is strengthened and

 he starts giving lessons also in this field.

The home based business is bringing enough money for a living.


Added in May 2007:

Robert has always been sensitive for visions,

also for visions through scrying.

When a street is wet of rain Robert sees visions in the wet surface.

A canal with a silent mirroring watersurface

gives messages from other dimensions.

The same for mirrors of good quality (glass with metal)

or a crystal ball standing on a table or platform.

During 2006 a new development occurred, that was found out gradually.


When Robert takes a crystal ball in his left hand,

 the hand with the Atlantisring,

visions become visible like 3D movies, specially on full moon days.

The same crystal ball in the right hand does not have this effect.

In the night the crystal ball shines softly.

Robert had to cover the crystal ball on the night table.


The story goes on with again new developments.

The world of Radionics is involving Robert,

maybe because Robert has his spiritual views on Mathematics.

Susan is having success with her developing of

new educational methods and also

participiating in new spiritual initiatives.


Strangely enough the Atlantis ring is enterfering with the daily

or more precisely nightly repeating dream of Robert,

giving out more details and answers then ever before.

The small crystal ball of Robert gives every night

a view upon the dream scenes.


Robert is very precisely noting down all his visions

of the Goddess during his life.

It comes out there were exactly 20 visions

from early childhood until 2002.


In November 2006 something strange happens.

The atlantis Ring of Susan suddenly is covered with blue mould.

Cleaning with detergent takes away the mould,

but it is coming back for several days.

Apparently the Atlantis Ring of Susan has taken away

some bad influence out of her aura.






The Atlantis Ring is on our fingers now for 5 years.

Time for a little review.


We have not been seriously ill all this time.

Not even a regular cold or flue,

except when we took off the ring for a week.


The material world was hard on us,

but we had more and more spiritual experiences.

Abilities came into our lives that were sleeping for decades

and were surprisingly new.


We started to give expression to what was happening.

We are earning our own money with our home based business.

Everything has turned upside down since five years ago.


Robert is now experimenting with a small crystal ball,

a somewhat bigger one and again a bigger one of rose quartz.

The smallest ball gives the biggest number of visions.

The rose quartz ball feels vibrating as if on the brink of making contact.

Rose quartz is the gemstone of real love.


It would very interesting to see what happens with a very big atlantisring.

Let us say big enough to step through.

Is it possible to enter other dimensions directly?


In March 2007 Robert was working on a contract in an office building.

"I was working at my temporary desk with the PC.

I held my fingers stretched, because I was typing fast.

My Atlantis Ring is not tight, but also not loose.

It has a perfect fit.

I looked at my hands, because I felt a tension.

Then the Atlantis Ring shove out of its own of my stretched finger,

not to fall down on the keyboard,

but to fly high through the room, about three meters,

and slowed down at the door of the room.

I run after the ring, because it started rolling further into the corridor.

There was also a sound, a musical tone.

I think it was a low (bass) F-tone.

I have no idea what caused this jump.

The office building was modern, well furnished, well carpeted.

I took what happened as a sign to leave the building and the contract.

And I did."


Robert is experiencing more and more "out of dimension" events.

Robert and Susan became involved with a Group of psychic and sensitive people,

who are measuring dimensions and Earth powers everywhere.

The so called Ley Line Group.






"Out of dimension" experiences are multiplying!

A development has started in 2007 that is developing more fully in 2008.

The crossing of dimensional borders becomes more vague.

Several weird events take place, almost too abnormal to report on this place.


One event is the total stand still of time on the morning of February 21, 2008 at 09:04h.


Both Susan and Robert have felt and seen this total stop of time.

We don’t know how long this stand still occurred.

Many indications afterwards are pointing towards a duration of 46 minutes,

if that means anything in a time-stand-still.


More and more readers are sharing their experiences and

many of those experiences we recognize as similar to our own.




The Atlantis Rings are turning around the finger all day.

The turning around our fingers never stops.

It is as if the rings follow the moon.

Susan had a mysterious pain in the back, that lasted for months.

Then the pain gradually went away.

So we are not immune for illness,

but who knows what it could have happened without the rings on our fingers.


Regularly we were very tired during the summer

without any explanation for the tiredness,

until we got more and more messages through our dreams

and through symbolism and even during the day.

The computer loudspeakers started talking in the night,

although all current was off (we always disconnect the plugs).


The messages were straight from the Green Hall

where the souls are waiting to be reborn.

We had to go to South Africa without delay.

We saved money and we did.


Arriving in South Africa the rings started to become very restless

and even slightly painful. While we were in the caves

of Scherpfontein, where the oldest human remnants are being found,

the Atlantisring of Robert hurted very explicitly.


This is really uncomfortable, because in some parts of the caves

of Scherpfontein everybody has to go on all fours :-)

Something beautiful happened in South Africa, which we are not telling yet.

See also Spirit Place 52.




The turning around of both Atlantisrings continues.

Spritual experiences are multiplying.


We return to South Africa to deeping some of our experiences over there.

Susan and Robert are visiting together with our friend Jacques

the fire temple at Pilanesberg.

Here the rings begin to give out signals as if they have contact with

the old people who for thousands of years have kept burning the holy fire.


Returning home in the Netherlands we have the urgent feeling

that we should participate with the Sanjeevini healing through prayers.

This becomes a real activity.





Sometimes the rings are so lightweighted and wide

that they fall of our fingers by itself.

Strangely enough the ring of Susan becomes blue again all around

and the skin also has a blue discoloring,

that washes off easily with warm water.


Sanjeevini healing is still a real activity,

with motre knowledge experience and effects.





Ten years of Atlantisrings.


The rings are there, physically and energetically asking attention.

Turning around.

Changing weight. Somedays heavy and narrow.

Somedays light and wide.


Thinking of ten years of the rings the changes have been great.



dove with letter

We would like to have contact with other people

who are wearing an Atlantis ring,

to exchange experiences, thoughts and meditations.


You may e-mail:



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