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Three new messages:


Help! 10 minutes a day



the Seed of Peace



the Sound of Peace




I also made two poems.


While I made them I was very inspired.


The first poem is


Yes we can


and the poem


Ocean of Tears



Firing the Grid we Did

Although it happened in 2007,

it is still important for the present!!


This happened on July 17, 2007

in the Rila lakes in Bulgaria


Original invitation and message for Firing the Grid

Susan is inviting everybody

to join in the spiritual project

of healing the Earth.



Message given in 2010



You will find my messages on the Susan Messages page


Some of my messages are:


The Gift of Music


Planet Shift Soon





Susan and Robert have a lot to tell about the

Atlantis rings.

I love to tell about the Elfstedentocht

which is the big Eleven Frisian Cities Speed Skating Race.

This spectaculair race

only takes place in the heaviest winters

in Frisia, which is Friesland.

The Frisian Flag


I am preparing new pages:

Saint Germain of the Purple flame


The programming of water


Also the Goddess pages on

are of great importance!


I started the Full Moon Ritual

and the Ritual gives so much energy of the goddess!

Don't miss the Goddess energy.

Also I strated to do other rituals,

which I will describe here in my office.


Herbs are gifts of the planet to live in health

Susan has a big interest in healing though the power of Herbs.

Susan is studying Herbs and Spices.

Are you interested in having pages of Susan about Spices

and their influence on our bodies?

Read my Herbs are healers page.



Read about:

Saint Patrick's Day

March 17



Groundhog Day

February 2


Valentine's day

February 14


I visited some holy places of the goddess:


the Heiloo healing wells


the Solse Gat


the Karnak temple in ancient Egypt




See also the wallpaper of Kevelaer.

World peace is of the greatest importance.

Our mother planet is exploited and destroyed.

Only respect and world peace can reverse this process.

Read about the Department of Peace Initiative


A very interesting world event,

that surely will be repeated:

World Sound Healing


Prayer for World Healing Day December 31st


This is the Merkaba symbol,

a multi dimensional powerfield to fly

through the dimensions.

Interested in the Merkaba?


Susan has done research on



Read about the courses I am giving or am planning to start with


This is the Circle of life,

a very ancient powerful symbol.

In the Hathor temple at Dendera this symbol is on the walls.

Want to know more?

My wish is to start a spiritual group

to share insights and knowledge.

You may e-mail:

ancient christianity

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