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Developing the New Spirituality:

Full Moon Ritual



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Full Moon Ritual

the powerful energy of the Goddess.


Share in the powerful energy of the Full Moon

Participate in the spirituality of this planet

Coming full moons:



Western Europe Amsterdam



Montreal, New York

Canadaááááá áUSA







May 6






June 4






July 3






August 2







For Susan and Robert the Full Moon ritual

is of real importance in their spiritual feeling.


When the Moon is very near the Earth,

the cleaning of gemstones, pendulums, spiritual things

is more energetic and powerful.


Wherever you are:


Join us in the Moon Circle.

We are searching for our spirituality

by bringing back the ancient choices and rituals

into an open Goddess ritual.

It is OK when you feel the need to dedicate

this ritual to the Mother of God.


The days before the Full Moon are filled with

energies and growth.

Whatever you want to stimulate growing and prosper

dedicate this feeling in the days before the Full Moon.


Whatever you dedicate after the full moon,

will be in the spirit of the waning moon.

The light of the Full Moon cleanses and energizes.

Expose everything you want to be cleansed to the moon light.

For example: tarot cards, gemstones, candles, yourself, etc.


Susan and Robert are experiencing the energy

of the Full Moon Ritual very much.


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Introduction to the Ritual:


The female aspect of divinity is related to the Moon.

Mary is often pictured with her feet standing on the Moon crescent.

That is why the Full Moon is the time especially

dedicated to the Goddess and also the time full of energy and blessing.


For meditation and spirituality it is helpful, blessing,

healing, uplifting and heart warming to have a Full Moon Ritual.


The ritual can be dedicated to the Goddess,

but also to the Mother of God,

who is the blue lady of the Moon.

The Full Moon Ritual is NOT a night ritual,

because often the Full Moon is during the day!

The Full Moon Ritual is also not a Sun ritual.


The powerfull energy of the Full Moon makes it possible

to dedicate deepest wishes and to overcome great difficulties.

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Start of the Full Moon Ritual:




Find a place that is silent and dedicated.


The ritual starts with creating your sacred space: the Moon Circle.

The circle is the symbol of heaven.

So make your heaven on Earth by making a circle.

For example use a long ribbon surrounding the place of the ritual.


Or the sacred circle can be the circle of participants in the ritual.


In the sacred space bring something to place your symbols upon.

The circle represents Heaven.

The square within the circle represents Earth, you and me.

The sacred place to put your symbols upon should be square,

like a square table.

Use a nice cloth to cover the table.


Recommended symbols are:


a moon figure;

a goddess statue;

a glass of wine;

a gemstone of Love;

symbols of what you want to dedicate;

text you want to read out loud;



a picture of someone you want to send energy to;

or everything you value at the moment.


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We are developing new texts and ritual

based upon our experience of the last year.

Coming up soon.


The Ritual:

You have to prepare your texts yourselves.

It did take us three months to make our own texts.

Improvising from your feelings of the moment is very pure.


We are thinking of presenting our text in a little booklet.



Opening, welcome.

Dedication of the circle.

Asking for the presence of the Goddess.

Explain each of the symbols.


Opening meditation or prayer.

Call the powers of the Earth and

the angels of the four corners.


The lighting of the candles is done

The lighting of the incense is done

Both events with a little prayer.


The special meditation is said.

We have made the meditation in a rhyme.

Every Full Moon the dedications can be different.


Wishes are spoken by everybody.


The sending out of energies is expressed.

World peace is wished for.


Since the wine contains all dedications

everybody has to sip the wine.


Some silent time to feel the energy

and the presence of the Goddess

and the Loved Ones.


Closing invocation or prayer.

Since Mary is by many seen as the Mother of God (Nefer Mut)

a Hail Mary prayer is fine.

Susan and Robert always do:

Salve Regina, mater misericordiea.

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Cleaning Away:


Solemnly leaving

by stepping out of the Circle.


Take away the circle,

which can be done with a song by all participants.

Everybody lifts up a part of the circle

and sings the Blessing of the Earth song.

Take away the symbols.

Take away the table.


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