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Blessed be, dear friend


I have reached some very interesting results.

Research, measurements, visions, excursions, meetings.

The results will be brought upon


See the new index page on Ancient Christianity


Entrance door of the very ancient Hagia Sofia basilica in Sofia


In Bulgaria we did meet many spiritual friends

and we visited and measured many spiritual places.

Still about 8 webpages have to be added,

but a lot is already there on our

index page for the spiritual Bulgarian Project


Robert visited the abandoned island of Schokland,

UNESCO World Heritage.


Robert visited the Military Cemetary of the

Grebbeberg at Rhenen.

The cemetary is next to the Suntemple

which we researched with the Ley Line Group

See the Suntemple page.



The Lecher Antenna:

Since years Robert is measuring all kinds of energies and radiation

with the Lecher antenna.

To promote field work with the Lecher antenna,

Robert made the list of wavelengths better printable on a special page.

See the printable list.


See a person with the Lecher antenna


On the Lecher antenna page are also references to the many results

of measurements in

Page about the Lecher antenna with links to field results in



On dimension changes I made progress:

dimension changes

My page about the abilities of trees is different.

I suppose I have to research more upon this.



Also the dimension changing vortex of the Thracian king chamber.

Dimension magick at Heede:

The Ley Line Group visited the 1160 year old tree

at Heede, Emsland, Germany

Servant of the Goddess


Robert made some notes on


from the point of view from a psychic.


Robert has a lot to say about


An important experiment in Radionics:

All Living Beings are influenced

by the Energies from the Stars!





Mind Set

I would like to help you

to get rid of the Mind Set.

Overcome your mind set


Now updated!


These two webpages have been helpful for many people:

Advice for psychic people.


Advice for parents of indigo children

See also the reaction page for some interesting reactions upon those webpages.


I am starting to publish pages about Physics.

Here is some nostalgia of Leiden university

to start with.


See also the page about Parallel Universes.



I am fascinated by the early recorded music

of a hundreds years ago.

The recorded music sounds as if coming

from another planet or from another dimension.

Thousands of these records have been reconstructed by wonderful hobby technicians

and are free for downloading as MP3.

Find links to downloads:

the linkpage to wax cylinders and 78rpm


In this Office Robert is writing books,

filling in the many forms of the taxman and other burocrats,

and using his instruments:

Tarot cards,pendulum, crystal ball,

I Ching, domino, "normal" card decks, the Lecher antenna,

the runes stones, the gemstones

or just the psychic feelings of the moment.


Read about the Crystal Ball


Read about the Tarot


Read about the I-Ching



Once a year the village comes together

around the Dolphin of Peace.

Robert made some pictures and did put them

on his Notice Board:

the Dolphin of Peace and Remembrance


While I was for some hours in Leiden

I took some pictures of the

Memorial Tablets of the Pilgrim Fathers.

In 1620 they left from Leiden, Netherlands

to cross the ocean in the Mayflower.


I was experimenting a bit with

the thumbnails feature of Irfan View 3.97

(freeware, see the link on our link page).

I liked the result, so here it is:

Impressions of the ancient city of Zaltbommel

in the fall of 1999.



Robert has the very strong feeling that once,

long ago in a past life,

somewhere within the Amen temple of Karnak

he has been a writer like this statue.



I feel intensive dimension changes next to

heavy machines. It is my opinion that machines

are generating power, because of dimension changes.

Read about the Steam Engine Festival 2004

Many pictures on that page.

With steam engines the conversion of energy is from

crytalline energy (coal) into chemical energy (fire)

through warmth (movement of atoms)

into compression (atomic energy) inside the cylinder

into rotational energy (movement).

Since crystalline energy is involved with the

atomic power fields, I have the opinion that

the dimensional change is already in the fire.

Fire is seen in many spiritual ways seen

as purifying and pure (candles, offerings).

The compression inside the cylinder is also

an atomic power field

pushing atoms together.

There are essentially three power fields surrounding us:

1. gravitational power (keeping your feet down);

2. atomic power (keeping you in one piece);

3. nucleus power (keeping the atoms inside together).

In many engines the atomic powerfield is involved twice.


See the Amen temple pictures.


Susan and Robert have a lot to tell about the

Atlantis rings.



The series of Spirit Wall Papers:


Spirit wall papers under this link


A very special visit of Oahu, Hawaii


See also more about this vision on the Reactions page.


Robert is interested in divination,

casting spells, alternative sciences,

alternative history, magic, past lives.

Make your start with magick

Tarot cards are to be handled very carefully,

because they represent real forces and Spirits and deities.

 Many people are very careless in handling Tarot cards

and in that way are setting free uncontrollable forces.

The Tarot cards can help us to understand

which forces are influencing our lives.

Robert gives his opinion through tarot readings

April 30

is Queens Day in the Netherlands

Read about this on the Queens day page


See also the special HQ wall paper:

The Queen's Day flag with Orange banner




At Robert's desk are several pictures:

Read about the Books Robert is writing.

Robert is studying the Vedanta Advaita.

The secret history of Egypt page


Read about:

Four blessed popes: 1958-2005


Old traditions have survived in many places.

The ancient religion still survives.

The tradition of Saint Nicolas


Robert pinned the text of the anthem on his Notice Board:

the national anthem of the Netherlands




As always both Robert and Susan are stating

their own opinions, founded upon research,

study and visiting the area.

Although we are combining scientific research

 with spiritual intuition we state only our opinions.


What you do with our opinions is your own choice.

Even when we have the opinion that things or procedures

are healthy or not healthy

and/or dangerous or not dangerous,

and/or good or evil,

it is only our personal opinion we are stating.

Certainly we have no intention to insult anybody.


We don’t accept any responsibility or liability

regarding our opinions and/or the content of this website. comes from the Netherlands


The majority of images and pictures (98 percent and more)

is originally made by Robert and Susan.

All text is originally made by Robert and Susan.


Regarding the other materials on the website,

we have the approval of the owners.

If you think we have used a doubtful element

in our website and you are able to state

the copyright of that element, please let us know

and we will take that element out of our website without delay.

We want to respect everyones copyright,

as we expect to be respected by you.


Unless explicitly specified otherwise,

this page and all other pages of are

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Any use of text, images, layout, format, look,

or feel of these pages, without the written permission

of the copyright holder, is strictly prohibited.
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