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Visit of the Island of Oahu, Hawaii

Meeting Goddess Pele on April 9, 1998

and ringing the Bell of Peace on Earth Day 1998

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Oahu, the Meeting Place


The Pacific as a whole is a mysterious ocean.

áTheories are made about the origin of this ocean:

áthe materials of the Moon were once broken off the Earth,

ábringing this ocean into existence.


Analyses of the Moon soil has confirmed that the material

of the Moon comes from the Earth.


The ocean floor of the Pacific is immensely thin,

álike an eggshell. Only a handfull kilometers thick.

áScattered though the water masses are lonely islands,

áwhere old civilizations have existed and still exist.


The Easter Island has those huge ancestor statues.

Then there are mysterious remnants of old constructions

in New Zealand and elsewhere. Some researchers are thinking

of an ancient civilization which could be Lemuria

also called the land of Mu.




On the archipel of Hawaii with thousands

áof islands from Midway to Easter Island an old religion

áof peace was in existence,

the Huna religion of Mana the energy of the living

and the divine. The goddess was and is in big respect.


Around 1100, 1200 AD an evil rank of priests

átook over the islands, bringing another religion

of slaughter, fear and death.


In 1819 the Hawaiian people abolished this religion of fear.


In 1820 the Christian missionaries entered the archipel

áand tried to erase every remnant of the old religion,

but the people of Hawaii remembered many things of how it was

and today they are returning to their culture,

remembering Hula, Huna, Pele the goddess and many other things.




Robert visited Oahu several times for

the special reason of past life memories.


On April 9, 1998 something very special happened.

Robert was sitting on Kailua beach

The waves were very high and frightening.


Two very old ladies came slowly walking from Lanikai Beach,

through the sands of Kaelepulu Stream, which was not deep

at that moment.

Robert was amazed about the high age of these ladies.


They walked from the palm trees straight into the waves,

leaving Robert behind in extreme amazement and concern.

Ten minutes later the two ladies were visible on top

of the nearest wave having fun, laughing.

But they did not look old at all.

They had changed.


And they walked out of the water onto the beach,

walked towards Robert and sat next to him.

Being their ancient selves again, looking very old.


On the island of Oahu Robert

had a long meeting with Pele the goddess of Hawaii

on the beach of Kailua Beach Park,

one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.



At this exact place on Kailua beach

on Windward Oahu on April 9, 1998

which is two days before the Full Moon in Libra

Robert did meet the goddess Pele of Hawaii

áand one of her sisters.

Robert does not know the name of the sister.



Another picture of the place where Robert did meet

the Goddess Pele and one of her sisters

on April 9, 1998.


The exact place is left of the green dune

in the middle of the picture.


Left of the Kaelepulu is Kailua Beach Park.

Across the Kaelepulu Stream at the right is Lanikai Beach,

the former beach of the royal family

and long ago a forbidden place.


So the meeting with the Goddess was at the edge

of the Kapu space of Lanikai.

The picture above is downloadable as Spirit Place 20.




Robert on the rim of the old volcano Tantalus,

where tropical jungle is growing abundantly,

North of Honolulu.

In the background the city of Honolulu and farther away

in the background the well-known silent volcano Diamond Head.



Robert rings the Bell of Peace

on Earth Day 1998

at the Buddha temple

in the Valley of the Dead,

near Kaneohe, North of Honolulu,

to ask for world peace.



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