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Spirit Place 49

Resting Place of the Ascended Master



The garden of Master Beinsa Douno



Fire the Grid we Did at the Rila Lakes!



The Orpheus religion and Ancient Christianity



Thracian temple hills in the Valley of Roses



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Susan and Robert were at the celebration

of Fire the Grid on July 17, 2007 at the Rila Lakes.

Robert already made his special page

on his measurement of energies.

Susan will bring a page on the ceremonies

and the beautiful holy lakes.



Bulgaria was the center of the Thracian civilization.

The Thracian civilization is dated from 6200 BC until 350 BC.

Also well known and proven is, that

the Thracians were adherents to the Goddess.

There are undoubted relations between the Thracian civilization

and the megalithic people (10000 BC until 1600 BC)

 and with ancient Egypt (4000 BC until 500 AD).



To experience the spirituality of Bulgaria and to find some of the roots of ancient civilization Susan and Robert travelled to Bulgaria.

Helped by our wonderful friends we were able to take measurements, have meetings,

go on spiritual excursions and have spiritual visions.

Here in our website you will find many of the results of our spiritual Bulgarian project.


more webpages are planned

in this project



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Although we are combining scientific research

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Menu of webpages in this spiritual  Bulgarian Project:



Saint Sophia church in Sofia



Thracian hieroglyphs



Spirit Place 45 Rila Lakes (one)



Spirit place 47 Smarotsazorski Mineralim Bahn goddess chapel at megalithic temple



Spirit Place 48

Grave hill of a Thracian king



Fire the Grid

July 17, 2007

Rila Lake

Robert's measurements



The Thracian tomb temple in Kazanlak



Spirit Place 46 Rila Lakes (two)


Megalithic place:

Smarotsazorski mineralim Bahn



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