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Parallel Universes


Our daily environment is much more complex,

then it looks like.

We have fixed our eyes and brains

to see only what we believe is correct.

Science tells us there many more dimensions

then just the four space-time dimensions.

Also science tells that universes different in time

are in existence everywhere surrounding us.

Robert has the opinion that many more universes

are in existence because of choices being made.

Important choices generate new parallel universes.

A YES and a NO universe:

When you or I or someone else makes a fundamental

choice a new universe comes into existence

for each of the possibilities.


There are some scientific authors

who are writing about parallel universes.

This is very important knowledge for psychic people.


Robert does have the opinion that these parallel universes

are not completely separated from our universe.


So when we are looking around in our house or in our street

it is possible that things we are looking at

exist in another time universe or

in another parallel universe, but not in our universe.

The boundaries of the parallel universe are intermingled.

You can be standing next to another universe.


Some universes are very much separated and

when we want to pass into such an universe

we have to open a dimension gateway.


Other universes are not at all far away and

we are able to watch into such a universe or even

to walk into such a universe without even noticing it.


Robert has at the moment no answer to the why of this all.

A psychic person should be aware of these possibilities.


Life is a labyrinth of parallel universes.

Passing from one universe to another

is passing from the YES into the NO universe and vice versa.

Because all is ONE, most universes interconnected.


Don't be surprised when unexpected visions or

happenings are seen by you.


Do believe your intuition and tell your eyes to see things.

Because we have biassed ourselves,

we don't see other universes even when they are there in front of us.

Everything abnormal is scipped by our eyes, because we have taught our brains

to skip everything that does not seem normal.


Do believe your intuition and feelings.

Tell your brain to be aware and see thing.

Tell your brain to feel and to know what there is to be seen, heard, felt.


Tell your eyes to start seeing.

Tell your ears to start hearing.

Tell your skin to start feeling what is out there.

Tell your brain to feel and know things.


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ancient christianity

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