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Robert had a meeting with a group of spiritual people

to share their experiences, which they had on a trip to Ancient Egypt

to have multi dimensional experiences inside the piramids.

Robert was asked to participate, because he

is member of the board of a foundation on radionics.


While this group was inside the great piramid,

my friend Piet Tummers measured their experiences through radionics.

The results were astonishing and exiting.

Bovis values were astonishingly high at the decisive moments.

with resonances and frequencies beyond statistical uncertainty

so statistically very significant.

Associations very to the point and precise.

We were all very enthousiastic on the outcome.


Radionics, what is it and why is it interesting?


Radionics, what is it?


Radionics is the reading of energies through the Ether,

or through the common power field of existence.

The basic idea is, that all living creatures

are one and united through a common existence.

(See also the Susan 2010 Wish on this subject!)


Many measuring methods are in use to measure the Ether.


For example:

the pendulum is seeking for an answer upon a question with yes or no,

or is seeking an answer from a whole scheme of possible answers.


The same for a Tarot reading, although a tarot reading

is much more complex than a pendulum answer.

Still both techniques try to listen to the Ether.


Other techniques are using oracle books,

or in present times the home computer becomes an instrument

with whole databases of possible answers.


Modern answering databases contain sometimes

more then a million possible answers.

Some database programs run the database many times a second

and are using statistics to have seemingly more probable answer.


Healing through Radionics


The reading of the Ether is reversable.

Energy is emitted to influence persons or a person.

Ofcourse this has to be done with the approval of the group or person.

Often healing energy is transmitted through the ether.


Every non approved use of transmitting energy through the ether

can be very dangerous and have wrong effects.

When a person is unwillingly or unknowingly

influenced by powerful energies

the effects can be really wrong.


Some therapists dont trust their own principles

and are using electrodes upon their clients

to be sure the correct frequencies are reaching

the correct person in the correct quantity.

Personally I have the opinion,

that this is based on a lack of confidence

in the principles of radionics.

Energies will always reach the person,

when enough identifiers are added to the signal.


Everything connected with emitting electricity on persons

I see as very risky and unwished for.

Electricity is causing a very bad kind of energy.


The emitting of so-called Reif frequencies is very interesting.

Also the shape of figures and symbols and the emitting of light are

able to influence the energies of the common existence (ether).

This is why many people have a symbol of peace and divinity

in their personal living area.

The symbol will influence the ether and the space-time

with the wished intention.

What is measured by Radionics?


The possibilities are endless.

Standard measurements are Bovis-values.

This is a measure for the amount of life energy in a person.


Bovis Values more or less standard:


0 to 25000 physical values

25000 to 100,000 emotional psychological values

above 100,000 multi dimensional and spiritual experiences

There are also negative Bovis values.



Also measured by radionics are resonance values,

the so-called frequencies.

Here we come into the field of the Lecher antenna,

which is also measuring wave lengths.


Wave lengths and frequencies are related.

The frequencies measured by radionics are very diverse.

Interpretation of the frequencies has to be very vareful,

because there is also a reality of the physical world.

There is enough room for miracles within reality.


To analyse higher level dimensional experiences

the Radionics database contains possible experiences.

Here is ofcourse the limit of radionics, where it somehow ends.

Because the data base contains only what we know as humans.

New unknown experiences are not to be found,

because the database has to be filled by humans.


All kinds of illnesses and medicins

can be part of the radionics database.

Here I certainly have a hesitance.

Resonances of natural herbs living in the open field I can understand.

Herbs are living creatures like us and their resonance

is certainly heard through the ether.

But chemical medicins? Here I have a lot of doubt.

Results of Radionics


The results are amazing.

Also the group I was meeting about their experiences in Ancient Egypt

was amazed about the results.

The same amazement I see,

when I read the Tarot cards for people.

The Ether is giving answers deep and unexpected.

Knowing is already part of healing.

Knowing can be a great comfort for seeking souls.

Let us use those instruments with great care.


See also the webpage about the radionics experiment

with the resonance of living beings upon the energies of the stars.


On January 20, 2010 my friend Piet published the results of his newest measurement.

These results are also published on Home2b.nl.


See also the website of




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