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Susan and Robert love to go to Heiloo in North Holland near Alkmaar.

This place is maybe the most ancient place of the Goddess in Holland.

North of Heiloo is also an ancient Goddess place.

Robert and Susan will visit this place soon and report.

The atmosphere at Heiloo is filled with positive energy.

Healing and hope are touchable.


May be Heiloo is the oldest holy place in the Netherlands

and certainly is the very first place

where the Irish Christian missionaries

came onto the continent into Western Europe.

They landed on the beach

where there may have been an old little river (now vanished)

next to the holy wood (means Heiloo) of the Goddess.

Anyway a few kilometers from the coast

they did build their first chapel next to an ancient healing well,

most probable in the middle of a very old centre

of the religion of the goddess.

See also the webpage about this original ancient well.

The monk missionaries followed these tactics everywhere

in Western Europe:


taking over the ancient holy places and destroying them,

cutting down the holy trees,


to build their own chapels and churches

on the exactly same place as the former sanctuaries;


making the population hereditary paying the tenth of the harvest

as feudal tributaries (provable the paying went on for more then six centuries).


This way the local people was obliged to come towards the same places

they were used to come to long before Christianity.


Also the holiness of the ancient Goddess places

gave authority to the Christian churches,

built on the same place of the Goddess temples.


Of the first chapel that was build in this holy wood Heiloo,

only a few fundamentals survived,

but the holy well of the Goddess with healing water

is still there and is in use ever since

by the local people, now at least during 1400 years.


Not many people know to find this old well anymore,

since this ancient holy place is deserted

and hidden behind a fence.


The former ruins of the first chapel and the former healing well:

The ancient healing well of the Goddess with healing water,

in use at least during 1400 years.

This ancient holy place has decayed much more in the last years..

Compare with the second visit to this mighty place 11 years later.


This picture shows the exact place of the first chapel

of the Irish missionary monks with the original Healing Well

in the background at the place of the vanished altar.

Very likely here was an ancient temple of the Goddess.

Both pictures made by Robert in 1997.

Saint Adalbert was buried next to this Healing Well.


The next generation of missionaries did build

their second chapel 100 years later and

10 kilometers further to the East again in the middle

of a holy wood of the Goddess, at the village of Heiloo.

The reason they did rebuild was very probably the incoming sea.


Perhaps the death of Saint Adelbert in 740AD

opened the way to destroy the second Goddess temple

and the buiding of this Mary chapel in the middle of the Heiloo.


Heiloo means holy wood in ancient Dutch.


This second place is the rebuild chapel is the holy place of today.

The Heiloo chapel is visited by thousands of pelgrims.


The altar side of the chapel in Heiloo,

"from Maria to Jesus" the sign on the wall says.


In this ancient chapel the Goddess survived

the missionaries for 1300 years

through the intense veneration of Maria,

called the holy Virgin of Heiloo wearing a blue dress.


Inside the ancient chapel of Heiloo.


Recent picture of the inside of the chapel.

The number of pilgrims has visibly grown.

Also regular prayers and services are now organized.


Believers are at this place

praying to the Goddess for about 1300 years.


Southside of the chapel of Heiloo.


Next to the Mary chapel of Heiloo is the second Healing Well.


The second healing well with healing water.


A sign on the healing well indicates that officially the old well (see above)

was abandoned on December 9, 1713 and this new well took over.


The slogan of this Goddess place is:

"When you start honoring me, the wind will turn (in your favor)"


Daily hundreds of people are coming to this well

to have the healing water in bottles for use at home

or just to have a mouthful for the blessing.

This has been going on for 1300 years at least.


Even when the Calvinists from 1548 until 1853 did forbid

the visiting of this holy place,

the people never stopped using this well

and the other ancient Healing Well stayed in use too.


When the yearly pilgrimages to the Virgin of Heiloo

are going on, extra trains are stopping

at the little railway station of the chapel

to accomodate the thousands of pilgrims.


The statue has been made around 1910 by a local expert

and fits remarkably well in the whole atmosphere.


Shortly a pilgrim shop and a primitive buffet with drinks

have been added to the terrain.

There was already a big church hall for the main pilgrim days.

Normally this church hall is closed.

In the garden are the 12 statues of the cross.

Also there is an outdoor altar in the surrounding park

making a very romantic impression.




All pictures are ęCopyright 1997, 2003, 2009 by Robert Home2b.nl


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