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Give Peace a Chance!

Stand Up!


We are living historical moment

at this point on Earth.

We have 2 winds blowing and these opposing forces

are causing much conflict.

The side in current power causes much pain

and destruction that is only seen

on international screens or via alternative media



It is the time of making a choice - no sitting

on the fence here - and the time is now.

We who want to create peace must choose for it

consciously and with determination!

For to do otherwise is to sit back

and just watch destruction unfold.


Television can make war so sterile

but in reality it is painful and disheartening.

We see no reality TV coming out of Iraq, do we?

And which TV station would dare to put it

on air in the U.S.?

Do you think that if we were watching

this boy who had his whole family

bombed to death in the middle

of the night and he who now has no hands,

we would, any of us,

actually support this war?


We must state out loud that we want peace,

to ourselves, to our family, friends and neighbors,

as well as to our politicians. We must in essence,

stand up for peace. By doing so, we take back our power

and stand up for the light.



There is such a situation as divine intervention

but there needs to be a definite decision

to support peace so that the divine can know

that it is supported in this effort

Why should God stand up for us if we cannot even state

that we want peace or to even pray for this choice.


We can make a choice for peace by stating it

and praying for it.

We can go to demonstrations for peace,

write our politicians,

let the press know what we want to see

or not see on TV. It is only a telephone call,

or letter or Email away.

We can seek out alternative sources of news,

via the internet,

Public radio, non-mainstream magazines

and the new satellite TV stations

such as Free Speech TV,

World Link or Oasis TV.

And there are tons of internet sources

of alternative news articles.


Also take notice when certain journalist

are either fired, beaten or

thrown out of reporting the news.

Why should this happen if there is

supposed to be a free press.

Also be aware that some press is being

harassed, threatened or bribed.


When "reporters" ask questions with the intension of

making a person infavour of peace into a villain

then a little red flag should go up and

we should question the integrity of the reporting.


Remember the old saying, "Question Authority",

well that should also

include, "Question the integrity of the Press"


Also notice when a question is not answered

or skirted around and avoided by people of authority.

This is not a person of integrity if

they are in a position of power, especially power

over the armed forces or over the press or other people.


We need to take back our power.

Become informed and really think about what you want

to support in this life. Because, if it is war against

a people who have not attacked us then it is the creator

and your own conscious that you will have to answer to.

Think about the message you are sending

to the children of this world. Do you just want them

to attack others who they think will attack them?

When we were kids ourselves,

weren't these kind of people called bullies?



Here below is a very important text!

This is a good idea for all countries!


Join the Campaign to create a Department of Peace

in the United States government!


At this critical time in US history,

righteous action is the

antidote to despair. Please participate in lobbying

to create a U.S. Department of Peace,

sponsored in the House ofRepresentatives

by Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

This bill establishes

non-violence as an organizing principle of American society,

cultivating an array of peace-building policies and procedures.

On April 8th, this historic legislation will

be introduced for a second time; whether or

not it becomes law is dependent on whether we,

the people of the United States, take the time

to make phone calls, lobby our Congress people,

and in other ways create the political will to make it happen.




The Department of Peace focuses on individual

and group responsibilities for establishing non-violence

as an organizing principle in society. The Department would focus

on non-military peaceful conflict resolutions,

prevent violence and promote justice

and democratic principles to expand human rights.

Domestically, the Department would be responsible

for developing policies which address issues

such as domestic violence, child abuse,

mistreatment of the elderly,

and other issues of cultural violence.

Internationally, the Department would gather research,

analyse foreign policy and make recommendations

to the President on how to address the root causes of war

and intervene before violence begins,

while improving national security,

including the protection of human rights

and the prevention and de-escalation of

unarmed and armed international conflict.


You can read the latest draft of the proposed legislation at





-Hold peace as an organizing principle in our society;


-Endeavour to promote justice and democratic principles

to expand human rights;


-Strengthen non-military means of peacemaking;


-Work to create peace, prevent violence,

divert from armed conflict, use

field-tested programs, and develop new structures

in non-violent intervention, mediation,

peaceful resolution of conflict, and structured

mediation of conflict;


-Address matters both domestic

and international in scope;


-Submit to the President recommendations for reductions

in weapons of mass destruction,

and make annual reports to the President on the sale

of arms from the United States to other nations,

with analysis of the

impact of such sales on the defence of the United States

and how such sales effect peace;


-Encourage the development of initiatives

from local communities,

religious groups, and nongovernmental organizations;


-Facilitate the development of peace summits

at which parties to a conflict may gather

under carefully prepared conditions to promote

non-violent communication and mutually beneficial solutions;


-Develop new programs that relate to the societal

challenges of school violence, guns,

racial or ethnic violence, violence against gays and

lesbians, and police-community relations disputes;


-Sponsor country and regional conflict prevention

and dispute resolution initiatives, create

special task forces, and draw on local, regional,

and national expertise to develop plans and programs

for addressing the root sources of conflict in troubled areas;


-Provide for the training of all United States personnel

who administer post conflict reconstruction

and demobilization in war-torn societies;


-Sponsor country and regional conflict prevention

and dispute resolution initiatives, create special task forces,

and draw on local, regional,

and national expertise to develop plans and programs

for addressing the root sources of conflict in troubled areas;




The USA initiative:



The Kucinich Legislation:


We are sorry, that this webpage is off-line.



The Canadian initiative:




The British initiative:




The original idea comes from George Orwell

in his book 1984:



You may e-mail:





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