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Koningstafel (King's Table)


On top of the Heimenberg at Rhenen Netherlands

is since thousands of years located

one of the biggest Sun temples of Europe.


At this place the King of Bohemia Frederik V

built a small house and next to it a stone table called King's Table.

Frederik V was exiled from his country Bohemen

and lived with his household in The Hague and Leyden.

Here he was outranking his relatives the Oranges, being only Princes.

He was a grand child of William of Orange.


Also he was a magician and very likely also an alchemist.

He had a large mansion next to the Cunera Church of Rhenen.

The Cunera church had been for centuries the centre of pilgrimages.

The pilgrimage to Cunera being forbidden by the Calvinists,

it is remarkable that Frederik was living in that place.

Frederik was a Bohemian Protestant.

Being a protestant was the reason for his exile by the Roman Catholic emperor.



On the West corner of the Sun temple Frederik did built his little house.

At that time the trees were not covering the high hill Heimenberg.

At that time the area was covered with bushes and heather

and the view over the river Rhine was still open.

The surrounding wall of the Sun temple must have been visible all around.

Maybe the middle area of the Sun temple still had some wooden buildings.

It is even possible that still Sun ceremonies were being held,

although Roman Catholics and Calvinists (each in their turn)

had been stamping out the original religion.


To place the little house upon the Sun wall is remarkable,

because the view at that time must have been impressive

at every place on the top of the hill.

In front of the house Frederik placed a table of granite.



The Kings table was seen around 1905 as a complete table..

This was a reconstructed table since the original table

was demolished around the year 1840.

Clearly this table was not to sit at.

It looks like a sarcophagus or an altar.

The orientation of the long side is almost exactly East.


The traveller Christemeijer saw in 1837 the original table

and describes it as eight cornered with engravings on the top

which according to him looked vaguely like a head.

We dont know how reliable this description is.

Eight cornered means very likely that the four corners of the altar

were not square but triangular.



The remnant of the house of Frederik as it appears now.

Until 1992 this place was inhabited by the guardian and his family.

The house had always a flat roof.

The upper story is partly demolished.

The lower story is still intact.

To the left is the remnant of the Table.

To the right is the start of the wall of the Sun temple.

Ley line experts have measured heavy powers to the right of the house.

For ley line people the area to the right is more or less "not done".

Robert was measuring very heavy powers too.


The Ley Line Group is staring at the remnant of the Table.

The demolishing is almost complete.

Only the inner filling of some structure is still there.

Pieces of stone (slate) are all around.


The energies have been disturbed too.

Although there is some ancient feeling of 6.3 lines

(altar place), these feelings are weak and centred

much more to the outer West ending of the Sun wall.

The stone remnants of the Table clearly have powerful

13.0 cm lines, which indicates White Magick and Alchemy.



Inside the ruin somebody painted a magickal spiral.

The door is on same side as the stairs.

This indicates that also other people then the Ley Line Group

experience the magick here. Some metres outside the door

are very heavy Ley Line powers or Earth energies.

The view over the river Rhine is magnificent.

In the time of Frederik the view was not hindered by the trees.

The place the house upon the wall must have had another reason,

then having a better view.



Some conclusions:


The King's Table was very likely magickal.

A magickal Altar.

The place of the altar in relation to the Sun temple

is connected with the June 21 Solstice.

In the same way the related Sun time was the Sunrise.

At Sunrise the Light of the Sun was hitting the Table.


Was Frederik sending energies towards his country Bohemia?

Bohemis was also in the East.

We know that he did fight for his throne all his life.

Finally his son or grandson got back the throne of Bohemia.


It is shocking that this place is demolished as it is.

The ruin could be used as a documentation centre

to tell about the remarkable place of the Bohemian Magician

and the wonderful Sun temple.




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