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Lecher Antenna project

for measuring parallel worlds.



Robert is very often measuring phenomena of the Earth energies,

or the World Beyond, or dimension differences inside our known world.


This time Robert is starting a new project:

measuring parallel worlds.


Scientists have several visions on the daily world surrounding us:



áit almost sure that parallel worlds are in existence

that differ a tiny bit of time with us.

So one second in front of us a parallel world exists.

And also any other time in front of us or behind us.



áthere is a very serious scientific feeling,

that every possible choice in the universe,

creates another universe where the opposite choice is in existence.

This is called a probability cloud.



áthere are scientists who have figured out that the surrounding world

of three dimensions plus the time dimension as seen as to narrow.

In reality there eleven dimensions, of which

one is the time dimension.



Robert has experienced several dimension changes in the past years.

Time differences were among the most noticeable.


Two questions:


What are we going to measure?


How are we going to measure?


And later there will be the interesting question?

With the measurements being done

and documented,

are we able to decide for a dimensional gateway

based in the assembled material?




As a start of the measuring project there has to be defined:


When are we able to conclude there is another dimension from our point of view?


In what way are we going to measure a dimension difference?

A dimension difference can be seen as a dimension gateway.


What does it mean to see a dimension difference?


What measurement results will indicate

that a parallel world has been found?



Then the practical point have to be solved:

Where are we going to measure?





time differences in a very small context


differences in distance in a very small context


immanent differences in electrical and magnetical fields


indications of dimensional gateways


clearly visible indications of dimensional changes


well known places of dimensional differences




this has to be figured out




Two parallel Lecher antenna's:




3.4 gateway of Afterlife


8.5 dimensional gateway


14.7 presence of other dimensions


17.7 divinity of the highest order


and other wavelengths.


Tarot cards


special to be developd lay outs


Electronic measuring device

developed by the 0.point group Netherlands.






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