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Where are Dimension Gateways?

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Where are Dimension gateways?


The experience of Dimension gateways something that can be trained.

There are many dimension trespasses, but somehow you have to tell

your brain to believe what it is seeing.

The filtering of the unbelievable has to stop.

When things don't fit with our perception,

then they don't fit, but have to be researched.


Temples and cathedrals.


Ancient buildings had a purpose. They were not just the

expensive hobby of some clergy and some rich believers,

or of some kings and rulers.

Ancient temples and the medieval cathedrals were

Dimension Gateways to the other dimension

through the star systems.

Ancient people knew that the stars were reachable.

The Pleaides and the star Sirius (the dogstar) and

the star constellation Orion were very important.

Science tries to tell us, that the stars are immensely

far away, but they don't talk about the round curves

of space. Space is not linear, but curved. Space is also

not continuous, but there are holes in space.

Read about the Dimension Gateway in the Amen temple of Karnak,

áthe largest and oldest temple in the world.

This temple was in use for more milleniums

then any other building in the world.

The way the gateways in these ancient buildings are working,

has to be researched.



Every pendulum opens another dimension.

The pendulum oscillates between YES and NO and

exists with this movement between to parallel universes,

the YES univers and the NO universe.

Both universes are in existance and

the pendulum is choosing between the two universes.

Somehow the change between the YES and NO universe

is immanent, while using the pendulum.

Anyway the pendulum is telling us in which

of the two universes we are.

Read about parallel universes.



The crystal ball, the mirror, the surface of water

are places where other dimensions become visible.

Maybe we can not enter through the crystal ball,

but we are able to look inside.

In the Old Testament every prophetic vision

was always the vision through a mirror.

Mirror vision was the Hebrew word for prophetic vision.


At many places where a watersurface is

quietly stretched out, Robert has the vision

of other dimensions reaching out.

Read about the Crystal Ball.

The left corner


The life long experience of Robert is, that

the dimension step is always and everywhere

to the left at an angle of 90 degrees.


Tarot cards


Every Tarot card is influenced by a Dimension Gateway.

Through the gateway are coming Spiritual influences,

who are shaping our life and destiny.


Be alert on Dimension Changes.


The universes are not always separated solidly.

Sometimes we step into another dimension

without being alert on a Dimension Change.


The splitting up and the merging of

Parallel Universes is a natural phenomena.


Sometimes we are able to choose in which universe

we will continue, like stepping stones in a river.


As soon as you are aware that things are different from what you expected,

it is good to check with a pendulum, where you are.


By example: when you meet somebody you swear to be dead,

you are in a parallel universe, where the

person is not dead.


Trust your senses, step out of the common mind set.

It took me 40 years to teach myself

that things are much more different,

then everybody wants us to believe.



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ancient christianity

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