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On excursion


The Ley Line Group is a group of friends with all kinds of different

psychic abilities, from clairvoyance, Ley Line expertise,

other dimensions, feeling into energies, and much more.

Together they experience and bring into light

the many emanations and dimensions that surrounds us.


After locating the Harten Chapel

the Group went on excursion to see more and to get grounded again..

The Group studying the grave hills near the Hartense kapel.

These grave hills are of the same age as the pyramids and the hunebeds,

about 5100 years old.


The grave hill in the front is inhabited within the other dimension

with a spirit of lower divine ranking.

This spirit has been throwing red leaves and flowers on her grave hill.

We found the emanation with the 3.9 wavelength.

The other hills were "only" dead, 2.0 lines everywhere.

Apparently those hills were used for centuries.


Part of the terrain is rough and ages old, let us say 12000 years.

The whole area is an archeological monument.

Sensitive members of the Group were shaken by the heavy energies

of this place and became disoriented.


The Group liked to experience the old ruins of the church of Wolfheze.

This village and church has been destroyed in the same time period

as the village of Harten and the Harten Chapel.

Also we liked to see the rough terrain of the Ice Age gletchers.

Very old forces and energies are living there.

This old tree is guarding an archway, but did not want to communicate.


Although these grave hills are from ancient times,

some of them are emanating light and positive energies.


The ancient spirits are sometimes communicating their old memories of long ago.

Visions of the original landscape when the hill was in full ornaments.

At this place we were shown a hall with shining lights.


The group nearing the Wolfheze church ruins.


The lower parts of the walls are easily recognizable.

The place was of a remarkable coolness.

We measured cavities in the middle part.

Perhaps there are remnants of the crypt still intact.

We felt no emanations or other energies to communicate with.


The former altar place. In the summer time very rare flowers are blooming here.


Ancient ridges all around the church ruin.


Beautiful Indian summer.


The trees were opening and guarding archways.

It takes more time to enter these ages old energies.

The heavy energies of the Ice Age are visible in high hills

of gletscher debris, so-called morene.


The Group was positively shocked by this very ancient trunk.

We felt shaken by this token of faeries respecting this ancient tree spirit.

The area has loved this old tree spirit and gave the tree this loving appearance.

The picture is a bit dark, because these forests are rough and thick.


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