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Atlantis, the ancient civilization of the Europe


So many people are talking and writing about Atlantis.

It seems Atlantis could have been everywhere.

I have read books where Atlantis is placed in Greece,

in Peru, in Antarctica, on the Azores, in the Bahamas.


Let us keep to the books of Plato and place Atlantis

where it belongs: somewhere between Europe and the Americas,

just outside the entrance to the Mediterranean.


At that place outside Gibraltar is a huge island

just below the surface of the ocean.

A whole continent is to much for the weak Atlantic Ocean bottom,

so it must have been a huge island or a group of islands,

may be some pieces of this archipelago are still in existence

along the borders of the ocean or as little islands.



This is about the only feature everybody agrees upon,

the concentric rings of the capital.

With the temple of Poseidon in the midst.

Poseidon is a sea god.

So the people of Atlantis were much involved with theá ocean.

The Atlantis civilization and its destruction

cannot have happened to long ago.

Atlantis belongs to the very ancient civilizations

before the start of the present cultures,

but the survivors of the Atlantis disaster

most certainly have started civilizations elsewhere.


The remnants of Atlantis are seen in the buildings found

along the ocean shores with the giant building blocks.

To mention some:

the circular towers along the coast of Ireland;

part of the pyramids of Gizeh are made of enormous blocks;

the temple at Baalbek in Lebanon;

the Osirion next to the pyramids;

the ocean harbour Mitchu Pichu,

at present high up in the Andes mountains.

Also the megalithic remnants at Bimini, Cuba and Peru.


The line of knowledge through the civilizations

could have gone through the megalithic nations (10000BC-1600BC).

It is known that many ancient megalithic buildings are

seen in relation with the Atlantic culture.


Another very important line is through the Mother Goddess

religion of South Western Europe (9000-3600BC)

with a continuous line into the Thracian civilization (6200-700BC)

into the Ancient Egyptian civilization (4000BC-450AD).

The Mother Goddess civilization had a written tradition

that still has to be explored.

The writings have been written in early hieroglyphic symbols.


The oldest recognized writing in the known world is

the Egyptian hieroglyphic writing,

that was in full developed usage around 4000BC, maybe 3500BC.


Hieroglyphics are much older then 4000 BC,

in which we follow mr. Wallis Budge.


A new research links ancient hieroglyphs to the Thracian civilization.

Pictorial writings of 5000BC and 4000BC are translated

by using the hieroglyphic pictorials of the 4th dynasty.

See our webpage on the Thracian hieroglyphs.


The connection from megalithic people

through the Mother Goddess civilization

towards the Thracian people is very likely.

The Thracians were a powerful and highly developed

nation, well known in ancient times.

Homeros, Herodotos and Josephus wrote about the Thracians.

The graves of the Thracian kings can be visited

in Bulgaria, where the grave hills of the kings

are everywhere in the landscape.

The Thracians were once as populated as the Chinese nation.

The Thracian civilization is significant from 6200BC until 350BC.


The Thracians brought the hieroglyphs

to early ancient Egypt. The first dynasties of pharaohs

were very probably Thracian kings.


Did the Atlantis nation die of a natural disaster

or a self made disaster? The most probable disasters

are volcanoes and waterfloods (tsunami). A self made explosion

can also have shaken the thin ocean bottom,

where Atlantis was standing upon as an island-mountain.


There is a theory, that the sinking of the big island of Lemuria

in the Pacific Ocean has influenced the stability of the oceans,

so the island of Atlantis was destabilized .

That would fit in with the existance of the not so deep area

just outside Spain. It is known that normal ships

do hit the ocean floor in the area just

outside the Strait of Gibraltar.


I am not sure the Atlantis people were so happy

and highly developed as many people think.

It was a society of casts and they must have had a taboo

or kapu system, like many ancient tribal systems,

like the Hawaiians and the Indian people and

parts of China and many others. A cast system can only

exist together with a lot of rules and punishments

and discrimination. The treatment of women around the world

also reminds very much of a caste system.


The Atlantis nation had a lot of knowledge

that spread across the globe, when the Atlantis people had

to live like refugees across the world after the disaster.

My opinion is, that a lot about Atlantis can be found

in the ancient Egyptian civilization.


To be continued.

If you want to add to this page, write me.


The concentric rings are also part of the Atlantis ring.

See the Atlantis ring page.


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