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The secret history of Ocean Water


Secret History is history and knowledge that is totally different

from what is told everywhere in the media and by people,

who could have known better.




Many publications have been done in the last 30 years

about the origin of Ocean Water.

Most scientists agree on the fact that two-thirds

of the ocean water comes from outer space.


Only one-third of the Ocean Water originates

from the Earth itself.


Agreement exists also upon the source of this Ocean Water

from outer space.

There are three main opinions with some reasonable evidence:


1. comets exists of iron and water and more.

These icy rocks brought during long periods of time

more and more water into the oceans.

There are hundreds of millions of comets

(the cloud of Oort).


2. The oceans of the planet Mars were by some upheaval

thrown into space and are slowly circling down

upon the Earth.

This is very believable, because Mars is above us

in relation to the gravity of the Sun.

Water to fall down from Mars upon Earth will take a long time,

but what is a long time in the timing of the universe.

It is even possible that life has come down with the ice.


3. Ice cubes are floating in open space and the Earth

is swallowing the ice cubes while flying

through the space of the Milky Way, our galaxy.

There are observations of these ice cubes seen in the upper layers

of the earth atmosphere. Many scientists are opposing these observations,

because it does not fit in with their believe system.

The Earth is within the solar system at high speed passing by other space items.

It is possible that debris of these space objects

are picked up in the passing by.




It becomes more and more clear that protein and DNA particles

áare floating in open space.

Newspapers are calling this "between the stars",

because it does not feel good for the journalists to realise themselves

that we with the Earth are floating between the stars.

Recently very ancient bacteria came to life

after having been frozen in Greenlandic ice.

My opinion is, that in the water masses coming in from outer space,

species came are coming in in frozen state onto the Earth.



So what is the secret history in this story?

The probability and almost certainty that life

from outer space came upon the earth

together with the Ocean Water.

Many people say the dolphins are from outer space.

The religion of a Fish God exists on all continents.

The fish god Dagon is mentioned in the Old Testament,

being an important god of the Filistines and Phoenicians.

The Sumarians and Babylonians honored the fish god Oannes:


The Fish God has given ancient people knowledge

to survive and knowledge to build societies

and how to enter higher levels of knowledge

all over the world.

There are ancient images of the Fish God

in his travel machine in the tradition of native Americans.

The people of the Dogon in Africa are seen

as descendants of the ancient Egyptians.

They have a great tradition of Nommo, the fish god,

who came from the star Sothis, the star of Isis (Sirius A).


On the mouths of the deep ocean volcanoes have been

found amazing life forms that need high temperatures,

like 400 degree Celsius to live.

"The thermophilae".

Unthought life from outer space?

Everywhere in the deep ocean are amazing life forms

we have never seen.

Some scientists say that maybe all life forms

came from outer space, because the mutation time

of DNA is not fast enough to explain all life forms

in the short time span of about one billion years.

This could be true.

For example the dinosaurs were highly developed into

many advanced species within several millions of years,

without any known predecessors.

Very probable coming from outer space.

The Earth was the dinosaur planet for about 500 million years,

áuntil suddenly mammals and humans were introduced.

Maybe it took us such a long time to develop,

because we had to start from the beginning,

while the dinosaurs had their beginnings elsewhere?


The secrecy is going on, which

can be seen from the speed and deep silence

the companies and governments are maintaining

about their fishing away life forms from the deep ocean.

We as "normal public" will never know these life forms,

the destruction of the deep ocean is at this moment going on

without any report in the news,

without any legal protection of the deep ocean.

The hunt for outer space DNA is on.


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