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We all know our companion in space:

the Moon.

Knowledge of the Moon is not secret,

but also not very much published.


Stil the Moon is very nearby.

With rockets the trip takes a few days.

With a space sailship maybe a few weeks.


The Moon is not researched as much and less detailed

as other planets and moons.


The recent efforts of the European Space Agency ESA

gave a lot more details of the nearby world.


No robots have landed on the Moon since decades.

In fact the research came almost to a complete stop

after the period 1960-1975.


Recently there was a search for water on the moon.

The NASA bombarded the moon with a heavy spacevehicle.

In the splash of the debris water molecules were found.


Specially Japan is researching the moon intensely.



The Origin of the Moon.


A very long time ago there must have been

an enormous collosion between the Earth and some other body.

May be a planet came into the Solar system.

Something huge must have bumped into the Earth.

Bigger then a normal average comet.


This collosion broke of one side of the Earth.

Still the scar is visible:

the Pacific Ocean.

The floor of the Pacific is very thin,

compared to the other side of the Earth.

All the landmasses are on one side of the planet.

Just look at the globe:

The Earth is only half.

Luckily gravity has made a ball of it again.


The same for the Moon:

the Moon is a mixture of this celestial body

and part of the Earth.

Again gravity made a ball of it after a while.


Research of the Moon means partly

researching a celestial body from faraway,

at the frontdoor of the Earth.


New theories have come up recently about

the origin of the moon.

There is even a theory that this moon is not our original moon,

but that the Moon is our second moon.

Another theory is,

that the moon is a composite of the original moon

with parts of the Earth.

In the collision of the original moon and the part of the Earth

 (that is the Pacific material colliding into the old moon)

the Moon also deposited material onto the Earth,

specially the so called Löss material.



The MOON as it is.


The MOON is always turned towards the Earth.

So there is a mysterious side we never see.


Ofcourse some people are thinking of alien bases

upon the back side of the Moon.

It is not very likely, but if it was,

it would be extremely interesting to know more

about these aliens.


Part of the Moon is very hot.

Other parts are very cold.

Depending on the time of the Moon day.

But also some small parts never turn into the Sun light.

Here places are very locally endurable.

Those places have never been researched at all.


There is a very strong feeling, that in those areas

the existence of water, or ice, is likely.

Some researchers are mentioning places where the existence

of ice could be noted on the old pictures

of some 30 years ago.

Ofcourse real pictures with technology of today

could give details.



The MOON as a space station.


It is remarkable that the Moon has never been visited anymore.

It is nearby and cheaper to go there then to Mars.

Also materials to build some dwelling

are more easy to bring up, compared to all the way to Mars.


Lancing space travelling engines to other planets and moons

will be relatively easy from the Moon.


Studying the stars and galaxies will be

very clear and pure.


In fact the whole adventure of having the International

Space Station (ISS) in orbit seems unnecessary compared to 

a permanent and safe base upon the Moon.


Could it be, that space travelling is much more dangerous

and much more lethal then we are being told?

The Van Allen Belt is protecting the Earth

against the deadly cosmic rays.

The ISS has an orbit below this Van Allen Belt.

The people in the ISS are orbiting within the influence

of the Earth and in a way are not

travelling in free space at all.


It is remarkable that space travellers in the sixties

could reach the MOON safely without

knowing everything we know now.

It seems that they were very lucky to come back safely.


Ofcourse I have great respect for the men and women

out there, paving the way for future generations.



The MOON - EARTH system.


Speaking about being lucky:

are we lucky to have this MOON.


It seems very likely, that the stability of

the Earth-Moon systeem has been keeping

us (and all living creatures on this planet) safe.


The Moon seems to be a kind of vacuum cleaner

for the Earth keeping away incoming

space debris.

The Earth-Moon system is unique.

No other system in the Solar system is like us.

Two revolving planets turning around each other,

keeping each other in a safe place.



the system is not eternal.

High tide and low tide are caused by the gravity

of the Moon, as we all learn in school.

The waters of the oceans are like two high water mountains,

rolling around Earth in an eternal movement.


The effect of the tides is the slowing down of

rotation of the Earth.

Days on Earth have been much shorter long ago.

And after some time days will be much longer.


As an result of the slowing down of the Earth rotation

the Moon is floating away from the Earth.

Many years ago the Moon was much more near

then she is now.


There will be a moment that the Moon is too far away

to keep the Earth-Moon system stabile.

This moment is difficult to estimate.

Some researchers say it will take

another 1.3 million years, from the assumption

that the ocean levels are always the same.

Which they are not.

We all experience the rising ocean levels.




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