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Susan and Robert joined in with an excursion of Ineke to the Solse Gat,

which is a place full of ley lines, energy fields and gateways.


Ineke is an expert in the energy fields of Mother-Earth and

many other subjects. Like robert she uses a Lecher antenna

to study energy fields and spiritual impressions.



This webpage of the Solse Gat has had many visitors

since it came on line and we received questions

regarding this excursion and about the Solse Gat.

So here are some of the answers:


The Solse Gat came into existence by the melting water

 of the ice layers at the end of the Ice Age,

maybe 20,000 to 13,000 years ago.

Several ancient tribes have lived in

and around this little valley.

About 9,000 to 5,000 years ago the mysterious

 megalithic people lived here, who, for example,

built the so called "hunebedden" and “dolmen”.

The same civilization constructed Stonehenge and the unexplained

stone fields of Bretagne. Stonehenge is not Celtic, but much older,

a crop circle in stones.

This excursion was meant to measure the energy fields at the Solse Gat.

Several ley lines were found, focussing in the little lake with reed.

14.7 cm indicating the dimension gateway.


Some people saw Spirits from ancient times coming through

the dimension gateway at the North side of the valley.

The same spirits were seen at the grave hills

several hundred meters to the East of the Solse Gat.

At the grave hills no special ley lines were found

except the 1.9 and 2.0 death lines.


There are legends about monks in white clothes and

disappearances at the Solse Gat.

Those stories are very ancient and need serious research.

It is possible that an ancient temple stood in or next the Solse Gat.


Next to the Solse gat Robert found ancient graves with the Lecher antenna.




The surroundings of the Solse Gat are certainly also filled with energies.

Some of those energies date from the World War when many people

from the National Resistance Army lost their lives here in this forest.


At this place to the left at the North side of the valley and directed to the South

special energies were found by almost every participant.

14.7 other dimensions and 3.9 entities.

There seems to be a dimension gateway into other dimensions.

Spirits were seen going through the dimension gateway.


The lady at the right side of this picture

is walking towards the place of the dimension gateway.


The place of the dimension gateway directly in front.

The tree at the right is more or less focussing the gateway.

The trees at the left are growing on the energy emerging from the gateway.


This picture makes the speciale energies almost touchable.

The lady was asking the tree about the history of the Solse gat,

 but the trees are relatively too young for this place.


At the place where the lady stands,

is a focus point in the energies.

Several ley lines 7.6 came together in this place of reed.

The lady between the reed felt unstressing relaxation  at this focus point.

Healing energy.


This picture of the focus point is somehow showing

he special power of the Solse Gat.


Rain or sunshine, the illuminating energies are always there.


The Ineke excursion group:


resting at the edge of the Solse Gat


sensing the energies and uplifting feelings.


The grave hills East of the Solse gat.


See also the special index of the Visits of the Ley Line Group

Read about the ancient chapel of the Goddess near the Solse Gat.

There are also Spirit Place Wallpapers of the chapel and the Solse Gat.

All pictures are copyright©2002 by Robert.


Alternative knowledge and new age action

is our interest.

World peace through changing the energy of the planet.

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ancient christianity

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secret history

dimension gateway

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