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The Ley Line Group

visits Utrecht, the Netherlands


The Ley Line Group has been visiting

the ancient city of Utrecht, Netherlands.


Utrecht originates from a Roman Empire Castellum

in an ancient curve of the river Rhine.


After the Roman Castellum came the Franks, the Frisians,

the Irish monk-missionaries, the Merovingians,

the Vikings, the Bourgondians and at last the Netherlands.

The center of the city where the Group went to is called the Domplein.

Here was the Roman castellum, the Frankish church of Saint Maarten,

the Cathedral of Willibrord, the castle of the bishops,

the castle of the Bourgondians, the gothic cathedral builders,

the Reformation, and at last the frugal municipality bureaucracy.


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Utrecht has characteristic medieval canal cellars

causing a lot of atmosphere along the canals.

Many restaurants and some little shops are established in the cellars.


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The entrance to the now vanished medieval bishops castle was behind

the ancient gateway. Now there is an useless garden filled with grass.

In this garden the group could measure the location of the

powerful Ley Line Centre of the Salvatorcathedral

áinside the adjacent garage shack (just visible through the door).


The Salvatorcathedral built by Saint Willibrord has been destroyed

to make place for houses, a garage shack and a road.

Thanks to the garden the Group could do measurements and have visions,

because the Ley Line Center of the former Salvatorcathedral

is covered by a garage-shack and a row of houses.


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Some group members in action,

trying to measure the exact location of the main axis of the

Salvator cathedral and the Ley Line Center.

The Ley Line Center is very powerful in existence and clearly measurable.

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The Domtower is standing out of line with the main axis of

the now vanished castellum.

At the time of construction of the Domtower

the wall and gates of the Roman castellum were still in existence and visible.

This street towards the Domtower is in line with

the main axis of the castellum and the Domtower stands visibly at an angle.


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The other side of the Domtower.

The gate through the Domtower is a cold and chilly place.

So is the part of the Domplein between the Domtower

and the Domchurch. It was not possible for the old cathedralbuilders

to construct an everlasting cathedral. The middle part blew away in 1674AD.

The orientation out of line with the castellum could be the cause

of the somehow unpleasant feeling of the Domplein.


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This is the Domplein with the gap between the Domchurch and the Domtower.

Heavy earth forces are playing here with the elements of the weather.

The sacred center of the castellum was here,

also the Ley Lines upon which the Domchurch is centered

and the North-South and West-East axis of the castellum too.

Also the temple of the castellum was on this place.


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Here stood until 1826

the Holy Cross chapel


The Franks constructed a small chapel next to the crossroads of the castellum,

in the heart of the old settlement.

The chapel was dedicated to Saint Martin, the French saint, friend of the poor.

The day of Saint Maarten is even today celebrated by kids with lanterns

going from door to door singing their Saint Maarten song.


In 1826AD this ancient chapel was destroyed,

maybe the oldest Christian building north of Maastricht.

The disturbance of the place was to big to have visions

or Ley-line measurements of the small chapel.


The only comparable building we know of is the Saint Nicolas chapel

in Nijmegen, which is of a much later date, but almost the same size.


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In the pavement of the Domplein the contours of the ancient

Saint Martin chapel are made visible.


The bike is standing in the middle of the old chapel.

Between the garbage can and the monument are visible the contours

of the destroyed Salvatorcathedral, once the center

of the veneration of the Lady in the Cellar.


Also in Chartres we found a veneration of the Lady in the Cellar.

In Chartres the Lady is a Black Madonna.

See the special page on the Black Madonna in Chartres, France.


Here in Utrecht the closed cellar is very measurable,

so we concluded that the cellar of the Salvator cathedral is still there.

We don't know whether the Lady is still in those closed cellar.




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Members of the Group are standing exactly on the place where

a positive energy has been noticed. Probably this was also the place

of the Lady in the Cellar.


This miracle statue was very probably a remnant of the ancient religion

kept in place by the Irish monk-missionaries to inculturate

Christianity into the old society.


Although the Salvatorcathedral has been destroyed, it seems that the

ancient cellar still exists.

Anyway the positive energies are still there.

Next to the destruction of the cathedral this spot is also

disturbed by some monument to honor some forgotten nobility of Utrecht.


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The middle part of the Domcathedral, now called Domchurch,

blew away in the year 1674AD and was never rebuild.

That is how the exact place of the sacred middle point of the castellum

became visible again.


It is not indicated in the pavement,

most probably because it is not Christian enough.

Left of the gravestone the Group measured clearly

deathlines 2.0 and the powerfull North-South line upon which

the Roman castellum was centered.


The presence of the Roman temple was not exact measurable.

The place is very disturbed and neglected,

so it will need more precise measurements.

Inside the Dom church we felt the presence of a Jupiter Temple.


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The choir of the Salvatorcathedral is visible in the pavement.

The place is disturbed by a row of houses (background) and

a monument of some nobility (right).


The main axis of this cathedral was clearly and powerful measurable.

It will be interesting to know whether the families in these houses

have been influenced by the heavy Ley Lines and the main axis

going through their houses.

Did the energy help them or did the energy bring disaster?


Also at this place was the veneration of the Lady in the Cellar during

many centuries with many miracles known at the time.

The cellars are still there beneath the pavement.


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On the Domplein is standing a duplicate of a famous ancient

rune-stone from Denmark since 1936AD.

Although runes as holy symbols have a power on their own,

the duplicate of the Danish runestone missed

the power we expected.

Very likely the stone is standing wrongly oriented and on the wrong ley-line.

Also it is used often to piss against by visitors of the city.


The Ley Line Group suggests a better orientation of the replica

on a better place, which will start the powerful healing energy of the runes.

Potentially the influence of this stone could be very interesting.


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The ancient gallery next to the Domplein is only partly ancient.

Measurements were indicating that one side was newly-built

in the 19th century (neo-Gothic).

The old part was interesting, because the main axis of the Salvatorcathedral

is making a resonance in the ancient part of this old gallery.

The wall shown on the picture is almost vibrating of the powerful

Ley-line axis of the Salvatorchurch.

The peace treaty of Utrecht was signed here on this place,

but surely other significant things must have happened here.

Powerful energies are waiting here to aim at some positive achievement.


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Some members of the Group feeling-in whether the other side of the gallery was

energized or special.

The Group did not find special energies here.


Significant were though the number associations in the whole construction

with 3 and 4, with 6 and 7.

The message could be the unity of female and male aspects of divinity.



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The neo-gothic writer monk is seated upon four water dragons.


Beschrijving: 20061126-R05757-utrecht-meetdag-650-80

Inside the Domchurch we were asked to leave the building

for employing non-Christian activities such as measuring Ley-lines.


Nevertheless we found a powerful main axis 7.6 in line with the Domtower

and in the middle of the church

with six vortex point on the main axis.


Remarkable was the presence of a second main axis to the South.

The second main axis could very well be in line with the West-East axis of the castellum.

In the transept stood a perpendicular 7.6 line as was to be expected.


Remnants of the Roman temple were measurable, but not the exact place.

The vision feelings gave some results,

like an earth-bound feeling on the 7.6 line instead of a upward inclination.


The pillars of the cathedral were connected with local 8.0 points,

which could explain why this part of the cathedral was not blown away.

The front part of the cathedral was blown away in 1674AD.


Beschrijving: 20061126-R05770-utrecht-meetdag-650-80

Another view of the old part of the gallery.

What we see in the picture is really ancient

and vibrating with the main axis of the vanished Salvatorcathedral.


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The Group felt a longing to investigate the gravestone

of sister Bertken in the Choirstreet,

but somehow it deed not feel good at the time,

so this will be done another visit.


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To bring together all the results of all measurements we had

a drink on one of the nice canals of Utrecht.


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