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The original religion of Western Europe

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The original religion of Western Europe


The question about the original religion of Europe

has new answers since the life work of Marijah Gimbutas.

She is the archeologist of the Goddess.

Throughout Middle and Easten Europe she has proven that the Goddess

religion goes back to 9000 BC!!!

She has brought back into the light

the existence of an great civilization that has no name.

She even found artifacts with apparently

written messages and she was the first to try

to give a meaning to some of the wtirren characters.


The influx of the Indo-German tribes changed the map of Europe.

In the North and the Middle of Europe

settled the well known religion of the German tribes

with their holy book of the Edda until about 1100 AD.

In the South developed the Roman and Greek religions

until at least the year 650 of our time.


But the original religion of Western Europe

was still there.

Believers were found in:

Ireland, England, Scotland, France,

Italy, Portugal, Spain,

Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Greenland,

Belgium, Netherlands, Germany.

Outside Europe:

USA, Mexico, Peru.

From 597 AD until 1481 AD more and more local laws

were written against this religion,

punishing the believers with death.

After those 900 years of persecution the Christian church

was still afraid of these competitors.

Pope Innocent VIII then in 1481

came with his Bull to concentrate

all Inquisition power and all government power

against this persistent religion.

Everywhere in Western Europe members of this religion

were tortured and burned to death

at least for a period of 300 years.

Killings are known in the year 1781 AD.

The Cathars, Waldensis, Albengensis and

the Bohemians were killed between

1200 AD and 1500 AD.

Governments, Prostestants and Roman Catholics

all participated in the erasure of this religion.

All together more then a million people

were violently killed.

Many of the names of the martyrs are known

áand they should have their monument of honor.

Together with the believers also the much of the knowledge

about this religion died away.

Chirstian misinformation has spread the most weird

and threatening stories about the people

who participated in this nature religion.

Still we know a lot about the ancient religion.

The work of Marijah Gimbutas has to be studied much more.


Holy animals were the cat, the hare and the raven,

maybe also the crow and the frog.

Were there any holy places or temples?

Much of this is forgotten and destroyed.

We know that the original religion was focused

on nature and the undisturbed equilibrium

of the forces of nature.

The believers were organised in local groups

with a hierarchy not unlike

modern local Protestant communities.

The head of the local group was female with a male assistant.

The title of the head of the local organization was

Queen of Elfhame

Elfin Queen

Queen of Faerie.

This reminds us of the Midsummer Nights Dream

of Sheakespeare.

There were several ranks of helpers or Familiars.

This religion had relations with the Faeries,

the ancient little folk living a hidden life

in the jungles of that time.

This indicates a very old and ancient religion!

Also there were relations with the religion

of the Druids.

The presence of holy buildings or temples

is very probable, because there was

a well organised religious mass or prayer service.

Main elements were wine, bread and dance.

The dance of the prayer service

at the festival of May Day (May 1)

around the May pole is still in existence.

Also February 2 was a big festival with

the Sundance, circling around with fiery torches.

Also Raindances are known from testimonies.

It seems very probable that the Roman Catholic church

assimilated this religious prayer service into the

Latin way of having mass (Latin rite).

Certainly the Christian church assimilated

the important Eastre festival in April

as one of the main Christian feasts of Easter.

There is an intense relation between the ancient religion

and the animal world, which indicates

the shaman aspect of this religion.

The male head of the local organization

was often dressed in attributes of the animal world

and was apparently the shaman.

Although the female head of the local group

was apparently the herbal healer.

The Christians used the way of clothing of the shaman

to propagate that this man was the Devil.

Very probable the female and male heads of the group were

the healers, because deep knowledge of herbs and animal life

is many times confirmed by witnesses.

Who was the divinity they were proud of?


1200 years of torture and burning alive could not

take away the proud of these believers.

My grandmother and my great grand mother

often told me what they knew of this original religion

and these believers.

Even then my grannies were proud of their ancient religion.


The female divinity is the Goddess called Jana,

Goddess of fertility and nature.

Jana is seen two and sometimes three headed.

Even today many women in Western Europe

have the name of Jana.


Read also about the mysterious Saint Nicolas

The male aspect of the goddess is the god Janus.

Also Janus is seen as two headed.

Also here the confusion with the Roman god Janus

is clear.

Many men still have the name of Janus,

in fact the name Janus was a few generations ago

the name of almost every man in Western Europe.

13 is the holy number of this religion,

the Goddess Jana is also the Moon goddess.

Some experts say that the original goddess

was named Diana, but they are confused

with the name of the Roman goddess.

The Roman goddess was not seen as two headed.

Many incorrect statements come

from this misunderstanding.


It seems very sure, that this ancient Goddess religion

had no aspects of a sun related calendar.

The Goddess festivals were not sun related,

like December 21 or March 21.

This is a clear difference with the Druid religion.

The festivals were moon, animal and fertility related.


August 1 Lammas

February 2 Candlemas

May 1

November 1

During April the Eastre Festival


There was a relation with the animal world

and fertility, but not crop related.

This again indicates the ancient origins of

this religion, before agricultural settlements

cane into existence.

Because this ancient religion is so thoroughly persecuted,

much knowledge is deformed by misinformation,

much has been hidden, to avoid of torture and death.

Nowadays many good people have brought in their fantasies,

trying to revive the ancient religion.

It has great value to study the ancient roots,

because this ancient spirituality is able

to inspire us again and

to give us choices that the sword

and torture to death have taken from us.


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