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The Ley Line Group made an excursion

to a fascinating place:

the Southwest line of grave hills

from Epe to Vaassen.

Autumn in Vaassen


On the day after the Equinox the Ley Line Group,

inspired by the expertise of Ineke van den Broek (Hestia)

gathered on a new expedition.

The object of measuring this time was an ancient line of grave hills.

These grave hills were used as burying places from 3400 BC

surely until 400AD and maybe until about 1000 AD.

Archeological excavations found remnants

of several cultures using the grave hills.

Both burials of persons and ashes of cremations

were brought into Mother Earth.

The men were buried on their right side,

the women were buried on their left side.

Part of the Group exchanging impressions and measuring results.

The Group consists of sensitive people with

expertise of ley-lines, earth energies, psychic feelings,

feelings for energies and emanations.

The almost endless forests of the Kroondomein Het Loo

are a beautiful place to have a measuring expedition.

Also this is a worthy place for these ancient grave hills

used by pious families for thousands of years.

This picture shows very probably how the ancient road

would have looked for the last 1500 years.

During the 4000 years of pious usage,

most likely, dedicated signs would have been

standing on both sides.


From Vaassen towards Epe the long line of grave hills

indicate an ancient but vanished road.

The funeral parades used this road for 4000 years

to go towards the grave hills.


Along this ancient road near Epe the farmers of the Christian era

plowed away the grave hills into their fields.

In the forests of the domain the grave hills stayed

undisturbed for another 1,500 years.

Above are two of the grave hills with ashes of cremations,

many of them packed into beautiful earthenware urns.

Archeologists have taken away the urns,

to let the urns be forgotten in an unknown warehouse of some far away museum.


To the sensitive people of the Group,

the many grave hills were shining with a pink,

sometimes golden, sometimes shade of green aura.

The energy of the grave hills was so immense

that on this cloudy day the people upon the grave hill

were shining with a extra white aura themselves.

Measuring the many energy lines,

like 9.2, 6.7, 2.0 cm waves.

The death line of 2.0 cm was the main line

connecting the grave hills.

At this grave hill the sensitive people of the Group

got visions of ancient parades and people.

Bearded men in long dark clothes,

silent women on a big cart with big animals pulling the cart.


Below: Measuring one of the many vortex powers,

connecting these places with the higher dimensions.

The grave hill here below refused to give away its secrets.

All participants felt that this grave hill was not to be measured.

Above: Grave hill in the midst of the heather.


At the so called Peter's Mountain (Petrusbergje)

the ley lines and force fields were very complex.

Some of the Group felt the presence of ancient abodes.

The ley line experts were measuring twelve fold lines 9.2 cm.

Until recently the nature reserve people

changed the situation, this little hill was a so-called spiral mountain,

which means that a spiral path wound around to the top.

Two conclusions were drawn:

an oracle place or the place of doing justice or both.


Above: the same Petrusbergje (Peter's mountain).


Below: at this grave hill covered with ancient grass,

one of the holy plants of the Goddess,

Robert had contact with emanations from the Afterlife.

For the end of the ancient road

on the heather of the Kroondomein Het Loo

see Spirit Place 39


Below: In Epe is the start of the ancient road

connecting the rows of grave hills.

Along this road tribal life was concentrated

for almost 4000 years, until Christianity

took over around the year 1000AD.

The Group was very much thinking of the Edda,

which is freely downloadable in Dutch from the Library at Home2b.nl

(The Edda is the ancient holy book of the German tribes).

Above: is it a coincidence that megalithic rocks are standing

next to the ancient and forgotten road?


The picture below shows the twin doors at the foot of the tower of Epe.

This tower was exactly the end of the ancient road.

Since this tower was built in about 1100AD,

something else was standing here before that time.

What was standing here for 4000 years, before the

missionaries destroyed the old sanctuary

somewhere before 1100AD?


Was it a huge menhir, so-called "hunnebed", megalithic monument?

Was it an elevated fire beacon giving direction to the funeral parades

in the jungle and swamps of that time?


Other funeral roads are known to have been directed by ancient

sanctuaries, like the ancient road from Kevelaer to Weeze.

More measurements in this area will be necessary.


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