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In search for the Harten chapel


The Ley line group is a group of friends with all kinds of

psychic abilities, from Ley line expertise,

to clairvoyance, feeling energies, knowing dimension changes,

and much more.

The Group studying a powerfull vortex in the valley of

the Renkumer Creek, as a supposed place of the Harten chapel.


This time the Ley Line group went out to find the ancient Harten chapel.

This chapel was erased from the Earth around 1500AD.

The chapel was standing North of Renkum on the Veluwe,

on the same Ley Line 9.0 as the Solse Gat and the Goddess chapel

at Drie. Very probable the Harten chapel was dedicated to the Nootgod

or the Goddess, because of the thoroughness of the erasure.

Nobody has ever been able to find the place of the Harten Chapel.

Old maps are indicating the position, but even then

problem has been unsolvable.

As is well known both the Goddess religion and the Nootgod veneration were

very much attacked and burned down in the years 1450 to 1520AD.

The Group studied several possible places where the chapel could have been.

The Renkum Creek.



The first place is situated along the Bennekom Road,

an ancient postal road.

Two very powerful vortex places were found, with energies

activating the trees into a higher level of conscience.

The Group felt very positive energies here.

It would have been nice to study this place more,

but this was certainly not the Harten chapel.


Studying the intensity of the vortex. The trees are standing in two circles

around the two vortexes, making the symbol of eternity.


The powerful influence of the old church of Renkum was very measurable.

This ancient church, probably of Roman times, has been

destroyed by the local parish about 120 years ago.

The Group decided to follow the Renkum Creek up North.

The area of the Renkum Creek has a wild beauty.


At several places the Group measured the possible existence

of spiritual influences, altar places, divinity.


The Group measuring the hills along the Renkum Creek.

Moments later the Group would split up, to have

a cross reference measurement across the hills.


This tree wanted to talk about ancient memories.

Connecting with the tree the Harten chapel became visible nearby.

The memory was given through several generations of trees.


"The Harten chapel is 44 meters to the right".

The Group is inspecting the most probable location.


On a friendly slope of the hills the Group did find the location

of the Harten chapel. At this place the Chapel should have been visible all around,

with a beautiful view over the valley of the Creek.

Measuring and feeling the place the characteristics became more and more clear.

Two trees are guarding the ancient holy place.


The ancient grave of a person was measured.

Next to the grave an ancient altar place (6.3 line), oriented East.

Slightly more North the altar place of the ancient chapel.

This seems very likely, because ancient chapels were often

built upon more ancient holy places.


The Group was measuring in turns to be sure of the correct place.


In the middle of the valley is an ancient hill, very probably containing

a ruin of some kind. Although certainly ancient, this is not the chapel.


30 meters to the East from the place of the chapel is Holly growing,

a sure sign of a goddess place.

All pictures copyrightę2007, home2b Robert and Susan

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