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The Hunneschans at Uddel, Netherlands


Susan and Robert joined in in a little excursion of Ineke to the Hunneschans,

at Uddel in the Veluwe area in the Netherlands.

In the middle of the forests of the Veluwe this ancient place the Hunneschans

has been in existence for about 6000 years.


There is no archeological indication

that this was a religious place, but the 7.6 Hz Ley Lines

áare crossing exactly in the middle of the Hunneschans.

At exactly this Ley Line ancient buildings have been found.

This indicates a religious place.


The lake belongs to the Hunneschans


There is a chain of equal places through North Western Europe

Many of them having also the name "Hunneschans" (Stronghold of the Huns).

The real use of these places is lost in history.

Perhaps the strongholds were meant for protection against the wild animals of long ago.

High earthen walls against wild animals are known from elsewhere in the Veluwe area.


Another Hunneschans along the river Rhine 20 kilometers more South

has the same construction plan.


The place itself is in the shape of a enormous horseshoe of about 150 by 100 meters.

Around the walls of this horseshoe are grave hills.

One grave hill is inside the horseshoe in the South East corner.

East gate across the field with 7.6 line going through


The 7.6 Hz ley lines go exactly through the West entrance and the East entrance.

To the South at the open side of the horseshoe is the Lake of Uddel,

a very ancient lake caused by the Ice Age, (so called pingo).


A big circle inside the Hunneschans belongs to the ancient grave hill


Even on the picture the floating of energies is visible.

(the Sun is shining from the right)


The NorthWest circle of the Hunneschans.

Ineke measured a lot of apparition energy here,

although there were no visions.

Also a closed ancient gate was measured here.


Left of this forked tree on the East side Robert measured 1.9 death line

and no presence of the 4.2 line


A very special moment, when visibly a couple comes by without a sound and transparent.

Surrounded by clouds of energies, completely unreal.

3.9 energies clearly present


In the center of the Hunneschans at the crossing of the Ley Lines 7.6

this interesting star like pattern in the field was visible.


To the West many energies were noticable, even the picture is somehow different.


Ineke and Robert found the energy trail of an ancient gate

áin the Hunneschans at the NorthWest side, which has been closed for centuries.

Many ancient medieval Christian churches in Western Europe

have closed North side doors in the same way, a remarkable likeness.

Later Robert saw an old etching where the extra gate is indicated (but also closed).


An ancient legend tells that inhabitants of a nearby village Uddel during centuries

were not able to walk through the Hunneschans because of the heavy energies

that were felt at this place. The villagers tell it was

like walls of energies were standing inside the Hunneschans,

when they were entering the Hunneschans from the West.


The excursion group is using as tools for measuring:

áthe Lecher antenna and the copper dowsing rods.


Entering the area of measurement always is a moment of sharing feelings.


Ineke pointing out special features of nature in relation with Earth energies.

The lady at the left has the Lecher antenna in her hand.


The East gate of the Hunneschans

This picture is also downloadable as wall-paper.

See the Spirit Places 1-10.


High walls of sand and stones surround the Hunneschans.

This is the SouthEast wall.


The North ágate in the point of the horse shoe.

Robert had a vision of heavy carts and oxen here.

Ancient people walking by to enter the Hunneschans.

The 7.6 Ley Line goes exactly through the middle of the gate.


Nature has kept open the exact Ley Line 7.6 cm

There is no road for walking, so it could be the deer and swine

who followed the 7.6 ley line to the North.


The inside of the Hunneschans a crossing of the 7.6 ley lines was measured.

Sacred buildings are often standing at the crossroads of 7.6 ley lines,

like temples, churches and chapels.


Here ends the Hunneschans towards the lake.

A lot of energetic activity (8.5) was measured here.


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