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The Solse Gat originated by the melting of the Ice Shelf

at the end of the Ice Age, between 20.000 to 9.000 years ago.

The ice was on this place about 200 meters thick.


Since that time many ancient tribes and civilizations have had

a holy place at the Solse Gat. Everywhere around the Solse Gat

are grave hills of the ancient people who died here.


The megalithic tribes, the grave hill cultures,

the Celts, the German tribes, all stayed here in total

about 8000 years. Now the site is deserted.


Around 800 AD the Irish missionaries invaded this holy place

áto destroy every kind of non-Christian religion.

They rebuild a little chapel at Drie, very nearby the Solse Gat,

áwhere the goddess was honored for about an extra 900 years,

when at last the ancient religion totally vanished,

although not in the memories of the local village people.


On a day without sunshine the Expedition starts.

Everybody having high boots for the mud and the puddles.

Rain is very positive for measuring Earth energies.


Rain and umbrella's. This will be an Excursion with stronger measurements.

The Excursion Group gathering for the action plan.


During the World War the Resistance had large underground cellars next to the Solse Gat.

Fighting with the Germans was heavy and nobody knows how many resistance fighters deceased

and how many German soldiers are lying in between the trees.

Regularly remains of people are found by local villagers.


The energies inside the Solse Gat come visible, even on a simple picture.

Members of the Ineke Expedition Group sensed other dimensions here and emanations.

The three trees in the front gave clearly 14.7 cm measurements: other dimensions.


The many leylines 7.6 (religious place), 8.2 (earth ley lines) and

7.9 (also ley lines) gave clear measurements in the valley of the Solse Gat.

Special energies are focussing around the tree in the middle.


The three trees in the foreground and the tree

behind are the place where a dimension gateway to other dimensions exists.

áMany spirits and special powers are felt and seen here

at this focus point passing in and out the dimension gateway.

Nobody was able to make any contact with the appearances.


At the end of the valley clearly the image of a energetic structure

ácould be seen by several members of the Ineke Expedition Group independently.

The lady at the left is staring in amazement at this special vision of an energy building.

To the left Ineke measured a vortex field 6.9 cm.


Speaking loudly does not help,

contact with the invisible comes directly for the sensitive mind.


The climate change has made the area more wet with rain and ground water.

In the near future the Solse Gat will often be filled with a layer of water.


The Solse Gat has been a holy place from ancient times.

áEverything of the ancient religion has been destroyed,

ábut the special energies at this place

and the legends of the local people are proof of what has been.

Visiting psychics have a very special time at the Solse Gat,

because of the many spirits and visions visible to the sensitive persons.


The whole area has this highly spiritual content.


Sunshine at last.


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ancient christianity

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