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The Tankenberg,

Western approach towards

the temple area of the goddess Tamfana

Tacitus tells us in the Annals, book One, chapter 51:

51. Caesar, to spread devastation widely, divided his eager legions

into four columns, and ravaged a space of fifty miles with fire and sword.

Neither sex nor age moved his compassion.

áEverything, sacred or profane, the temple too of Tamfana, as they called it,

the special resort of all those tribes, was levelled to the ground.


The Tankenberg has since centuries been seen as

a Western approach of this temple complex.

The Goddess Tamfana is the same as Mother Earth herself.

She was the Goddess of the tribe of the Marsen.

The tribe Marsen was destroyed by the Roman soldiers completely.

This is why a group of experts in earth energies

and psychic feelings went to the Tankenberg

for measuring and experiencing.


We started from the comfortable restaurant with terrace.

The Tankenberg area is beautiful:


Heavy energies were found next to a little path:

Many lines were here: 8.2; 13.0 and others.

We had no time to follow this path with so much ahead.

The sheep were very interested in a close talk.


The chapel marks the entrance to the holy area.

In front of the chapel and inside were heavy energies.

Certainly a vortex.

The line 13.0 was very prominent: entities of another dimension.

I had no awareness of local emanations,

but since the 13.0 cm line was there,

it was very possible to have visions.

Many candles are burning to honor the mother of God.


Following the 13.0 cm line,

we came into a place that was experienced by the group

as an old preaching place.

Very heavy resonance of our voices.


After this we entered a lower area, where the 13.0 cm line

more or less stopped.

The group had visions of faeries, of letting old evil behind.

Finding peace and new beginnings.

Several members left an out of pocket object behind as a farewell

to evil and to find renewed peace.

A silent moment with the faeries brought a sacred feeling.



The faery place surrounded by a low earth wall.

Robert measured (3.9; 13.2; 14.7 cm)

áand sensed the presence of ancient beings,

guarding the place against wrong influences.

Also the feeling of a local religious court.

Maybe initiations happening in this place?

At one place the group sensed Death.

Lines 1.9 cm and 2.0 cm were both measured there.

Also we had a scary finding.


One of the three wells:


On the top of the Tankenberg some romantic owner

built a tea place, here seen from the woods:

Behind the tea place the group found remnants of

shaman activities.

The remnants of a holy road leading far into the area

with holly plants on both sides:

The remnants of a spiral labyrinth,

with the 14.7 line (other dimensions) clearly measurable:


The group of experts in the little tea house

enjoying the view:


The Tankenberg area has an official entrance: the chapel.

There are guards, faeries, death lines, shaman activities,

all related to the other dimensions.

Clearly the Tankenberg area is at the border of a wider sacred area.

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ancient christianity

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