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This excursion was organized by Ineke, who is an expert in Ley Lines,

Earth energies and much more.

Two earlier Excursions were reported here in


The Solse Gat is the focus point of many energies and Ley Lines.

It is known that ancient people had a place of adoration

at the Solse Gat of the ancient religion before Christianity invaded.


The 8.2 and the 7.6 ley lines are focussing at the Solse Gat,

which makes it an excellent place to measure and follow ley lines.


This webpage has been remade with new added materials from the same excursion.


The forests surrounding the Solse Gat are full of energy.

Many ancient cultures have placed grave hils in the forests.

Also recently the Resistance in the world War lost many soldiers here.

But all this came to be, because the Ley Lines are powerful here,

sometimes nearing each other much more then in other areas of the Earth.


Many visitors of the Solse Gat are starting from the Boshuis in the tiny village of Drie.

The walk from here is very spiritual, but also the white part of the Boshuis is the original

goddess chapel, which was in use until 1765AD as a goddess place.

The Boshuis is also a nice cafe and restaurant for having a rest after the Excursion.


The lessons of Ineke are always directly into nature.

Why did this tree loose its branches?

Why are mushrooms growing here?

Why is the tree bended as if it is backing out?

Which Ley Line do we measure that caused the situation?

Or is it an underground water vain?

Or an evil influence?


In the Solse Gat the group is measuring ley lines and the special energies

that are essential for this place.

The Lecher antenna will be used as a very precise and sensitive instrument.

Heavy sunshine normally makes a pendulum useless and the dowsing rods are reacting slow.


Feelings, emotion and experiences are discussed on the edge of the Solse Gat.

áMany members of the group have special experiences, which are shared with each other.

Even in heavy sunshine the energetic structure at the South end is almost touchable.


The energies are always here, also in the sunlight.

In rainy weather energies are more powerful and measured strongly,

but the energies and appearances of the Solse Gat are always there.



The focus tree in the middle is lighter green, as if it is cleaner.

The maintenance crew of the forests are on purpose ingnoring the needs

áof the groups of sensitive people, while giving smooth entrance to mountainbikers

áinto the spiritual place. An independent foundation should take

over this holy place and other holy places elsewhere.


The place of the dimension gate way where many sensititve people have experiences.


The lanes through the surrounding forests are certainly also

worth measuring for influences, water vains, high energies.


See the special index for the visits of the Ley Line Group


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